Monday, October 15, 2007

[NEWS] TVXQ, jewelery designer in Japan

On the 5th, Tohoshinki who had their concert at the Nakayama Football Field in Taipei, Taiwan is moving their stage to Japan again.

Tohoshinki is holding hands with Japan's jewelry designer, VERITE and is going to advertise the jewelries designed by themselves. Tohoshinki's new song, "Forever Love" which is being released at the 14th of Nov. will be used as the BGM for Tohoshinki's VERITE official homepage which is opening on the 12th.

Yunho talked about the difficulty in desiging, "Thinking of the design was hard."

Yuchun appealed by saying, "The simple design which will match any outfit is the point."

Jaejoong said, "I like the pierce alot. I will feel happy if i see my pierce at concerts or events."

Junsu said, "I would be happy if you wore the accessories we designed ourselves."

Meanwhile, the 184cm tall Changmin who grabbed the hearts of Japanese women is going to be in the magazine "PINKY" december issue, alone.

[credits: WOw Korea Japan + tvfxqforever forums + miamihero@kpopkingdom + Su-moon@CF + legra@multiply + คนของมิค@popcornfor2 + stjapo46@soompi]

Verite CF which features Forever Love

Verite Opening Flash







Anonymous said...

Changmin freakishly stans out in this picture.

izu2minY said...

I really like the way ChangMin move his head~~ Looks so polite and gentleman~~

nathalie said...

where can we get the necklace?!

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