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Palm Reading for DBSK

I got this from yamarin @ LJ. I found it rather amusing. For those who frequent forums, etc, would probably have read this. But I know some of you don't. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. ^_^

Translations of FM Osaka where the DJ read their palms

DJ on Yunho:: Will live a comfortable life, not needing to worry about financial matters and he will be a family man because he is one that places a lot of emphasis on family.

DJ: If I'm right, you can say so. Am I right? Am I?

YH: Yeah

DJ: Next~ When Yunho meets adults, no matter their gender, your relationship with them will gradually improve. Your interaction with the adults are oppurtunities for you. That's right. When you meet adults....when you meet single women..Ah~ I don't really know. What do you think?

YH: That.....

THSK: That's right! HAHAAH

YH: That... I've never really thought of that.

DJ: Never thought of that. That's right. These kind of people will never be affected by dating/boy-girl/making friends troubles.

YH: Ah~ That's Jaejoong!

JJ: Ah~ I'm so happy

DJ on Yoochun: Very charming~~ Very brave! Doesn't need to fret/worry over women problems before.


JJ: This.... Is this okay???

DJ: Is this okay?? [Repeats]

JJ: Is this okay?? That's supposed to be like private talk!!

YC: Thank you~

JJ: Is this okay? This is a program! It's not an announcement!

DJ: He really is popular amongst the ladies. Therefore~~

JS: That's nice :]

DJ: Here comes the tough part. You like time alone with yourself?

THSK: AH~ That's true

DJ: Also, when he does things, if he fails on the second try, he'll just give up.



DJ: I'm right? Oh~Umm.If you are his girlfriend, I think it might be a little hard on you. This was Yoochun's analysis. How is it? Quick, next Jaejoong!

DJ on Jaejoong: Jaejoong is very~~~ Suave and kindhearted

THSK: Eh???

JJ: THAT'S RIGHT! THAT'S RIGHT!!! [desperate]

JS: Really?

DJ: Yeah, it is. Am I wrong?

JJ: You're right, you're right. You answered correctly.

JS: And??

DJ: THere will be times where he is nice and meticulous. He will be puzzled with himself. And he's a diligent person. He is a very hardworking person~~ This type of person.... He likes people a lot and therefore, he attracts many people around him. He likes people.... and he likes himself.

JJ: Yeah, yeah

THSK: He does like people

DJ: He does?

JJ: Yeah, it place a lot on emphasis interpersonal relationships

DJ: Ah~ A person who places a lot of emphasis on relationships

JJ: I really do

JS: ELEPHANT!! Kekekeke

DJ: Elephant? No... Junsu....He's not an elephant. But it's very good for your ego isn't it?

JS: Elephant placing a lot of emphasis on..... Sorry [Yoochun laughing madly at the back]

DJ on Junsu: So, let's move on to Junsu who's beside me. This is a character that receives a lot of love.


DJ: How is it? Am I right?

JJ: Oh~ You're right. You answered correctly.

DJ: Although he may say 'WA" but he wouldn't get angry easily. And he wouldn't harbour any hatred towards anyone, understand?

THSK: OH~~ That's right!!

DJ: He doesn't really pay attention to things..

JS: Everything?

DJ: Yeah, everything~ Understand?


DJ: How was it?

YC: You answered correctly

JJ: Why is it so nice?

THSK: You answered correctly!

JS: God God!! [Shin Shin]

DJ: Shin? Hehe. And next is Changmin. Can you see from the bottom?

CM: It’s okay

DJ on Changmin: This is the youngest member. This kind of person… is a little rebellious?

JJ: Ah~~~A little incorrigible, that’s right… The ‘little’ part is correct. A LITTLE~ rebellious

DJ: There are times where he puts people on the spot and he gets angry/ irritated easily

CM: Oh~ Hehehe

THSK: HAHAHAAH. *claps* You’re right!
JJ: That’s right scary

DJ: What happened? Are you angry now?

JJ: Wow~~ He’s so accurate, really….

CM: Nope, I’m fine. Please continue

DJ: Therefore, he always thinks his method of handling things is always the best.

*screaming and clapping. Normal dorky THSK*

DJ: Really? So next time when someone irritates you, you must learn to forgive that person. Understand?

CM: Yeah

DJ: However, he does think too much sometimes. He likes to handle stuff very conscientiously and meticulously. What do you think?

JS: *in ENGLISH* You! Wonderful! [HAHA. Fob English]

DJ: *in English* Thank you very much

JJ: You are so scary

JS: You answered correctly for all 5 members!!

-end of segment-

Credits: Sparkskey@soompi, 3asian


Anonymous said...

hey lynn, hows life, gome ne, it been awhile I didn't came here, loaded with works and dateline T_T..

Love this translation wish I can see the Vid in youtube or else where, totally dorky!!


gluzen said...

JJ: You are so scary.

Anonymous said...

wow! cool way way cool!
love this interview!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... no wonder the boys are so surprised..the dj really said true thing about them, as if he knows them well... Yeah, I agree with one of the poster... it would be nice if we can hear it ourselves even without utube or sthg... just wanna hear/watch their reaction... coz just by reading this it's so much fun..especially JJ's reaction to whatever the dj has been telling them...hahah... dorky..but in a good way...

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