Friday, October 26, 2007

Yunho is injured.. T___T

[2007.10.26] Yunho has a Lumbar Vertebrae Fracture

The BoyBand TVXQ's leader Uknow Yunho was injured while practicing for the October 25's concert.

With this, it seems like he wont be performing at the concert.

Uknow Yunho who was supposed to perform the "DongBangShinKi The 2nd Asia Tour Concer "O" ~ Seoul Encore" was practicing on the reheasal on 25's night and then he was bumped, and was hurt at the pelvic region.

The person in charge of Yunho said "Yunho hurt his vertebrae lumbar. It may take probably 3 to 4 weeks to recuperate. It doesn't matter if he works, or he moves, but it will be better if he doesn't dance or exercice".

SM said "Now that we know how is the situation, we think that it'll be hard for Yunho to perform. Even though he cannot perform, he'll on the stage and he'll sing the ballads, and the memtors like the previous arrangement."

Then Yunho said "For all the people that waited for the Encore Concert, I really apologise. Even if I cannot give you my best of performance due to this inconvenience, I'll show you my best on stage."

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A little information on Lumbar Verterbrae Fractures

Actual medical info (with the least jargon available) about lumbar vertebrae fractures:

"Lumbar vertebrae fractures are caused by a direct force or sudden muscle contraction and are commonly accompanied by major soft tissue damage.
Treatment and prognosis depend on the degree of fracture and the presence of complications.
Symptoms include severe pain (spontaneous or during exercise) in the lower back and difficulty with body movement in the acute phase as well as local bruising,swelling,and occasionally, spinal deformation and neuroparalysis.
Treatment during the acute phase includes rest, medication, and fixation (with plaster and corset)"
Taken from this medical paper. page 18 if you want to check it out.

Summary: It hurts like hell when you do it, and for a while afterwards, but it is treatable.

While it can be a severe injury, it can also be a less severe injury, so rather that anyone jumping on me for trying to be rational as some people did when I posted information about superglue being impossible to ingest as some people did, please pray to the deity of your choice that it's a comparatively minor injury with no complications.

Judging from the fact that his recovery is said to take 3-4 weeks I hope it is a less severe injury, and I'm sure SM will allow him to recover fully, they let JJ recover properly from his leg injury,injury, and they aren't in the business of permanently breaking their biggest meal tickets.

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Lili said...

=( awww... hope he doesn't strain himself even more during his resting period...

Lina said...

Wow..I didn't come online for 24hrs and all of a sudden, I get the news that YunHo is injured?!

Personally, I think that this boy needs a slap behind the head and given some serious nagging. Does he seriously think he's a machine?! I mean, c'mon!! Don't feel sorry that you can't perform for your fans..but feel sorry that you are causing your fans to worry by performing more when you're suppose to rest!!

You're just 21 yrs old and you have your whole life ahead of you. 3-4 weeks of rest is not long but it is definetely gonna benefit for the rest of your future!!

Sorry for getting angry here Lynn. I'll be copying this msg and posting it on his iple. This boy is just as stubborn as a donkey (or even worst!)

Thanx for the news.

Liz said...

Actually I've fractured my lumbar vertabrae. basically it just hurts really bad to stand up and sit down... and just move that area at all. With painkillers, he could keep moving and doing w/e, it'll just cause his bone to grow back a bit weird. mine did. >.<

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