Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gifs Designed by the Boys!!!!

Some Gifs designed by the boys themselves

Junsu - His famous Kamo Comeon!!

JaeJoong's - I Love You

Yunho's - (if i'm not wrong)Asobo - Lets Play Together

ChangMin's - Itadakimasu (Lets Eat in japanese)

YooChun's - Good Night

I guess these Gifs shows a lot of their personality. Junsu who is always with his oyaji gag, Jaejoong... (just like in the recent Taiwan Conference said 'I Love You' in mandarin), Yunho is always showing his leadership quality by saying something like this, Changmin who loves food a lot and Yoochun who loves sleeping...haha

Credits:TVXQ China Website + TVXQF + coffinhouse@soompi


Anonymous said...

love the duck's one and changmin's IT so chamngmin :: :D heeeee...

thanks Lynn, you rocks......


Anonymous said...

I've jsut discovered this site !!!
You guys rock !!! Everything is just so neat and so many DLs that I missed !!!

Thanks a lot !!

Anonymous said...

aww these are so cute! <3

ladysu said...

Cute~! XD
They really make these?
I wonder if they really have time for these but really thanx, lynn!!
JaeJoong's is so cute!!

Jen said...

AWW so cute!!!!! <33 Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

JJ's gif looks cute, and unique. My Micky's quite ok. i don't know, 'good night'? Junsu's dorky, as it is... *v* -Reef64

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