Friday, October 10, 2008

2008-10-08 TVXQ's Confessions on MC Mong's Station

Junsu: First, we (Junsu and Yoochun) became friends in TVXQ. Time has flown by, and it's already been six years. We've walked together until now, and have become closer than friends; we're more like family. We've walked this road as brothers until now, and I'm able to be here today because of Yoochun; we're always there for each other. He's very reliable. I have more confidence in the future that we'll look even more charismatic onstage. We'll work even harder, and I hope we'll have even more amazing performances together. I love you, Yoochun!

Yoochun: About Jaejoong hyung...Although it's much the same with the other members, I feel like I rely on Jaejoong hyung the most. The other members don't really drink, so when we're really worn out, Jaejoong's always drunk with me, talked with me, and given me a lot of support. Thank you. You...are the kind of person I will always want to have by my side in the future.

Jaejoong: Yunho, is my friend! When I'm exhausted and powerless, he has the strength that I don't have. dawn yesterday Yunho gave me some support too. I'm happy with our 5 members' current situations, and because of this happiness, I always think: as time goes by, will this happiness disappear? Suddenly I feel unsettled. Maybe it's because autumn is coming. Yunho is different from me; he always looks towards the positive sides. He's always been like this, and I hope in the future he'll still be there to support me. He's really the best leader. Thank you!

Yunho: Our eldest and our youngest, Changmin. Honestly, although we all fight and get impatient, your thoughts are always the deepest. You know what your hyungs need, and to me, you're a best friend. When I'm going through hard times, you're always there to give me advice. Because you're my dongsaeng, you can't say too much to me. Instead, we have a lot of small talks. Although you're our youngest, you're also our friend. A lot of the time, it's hard to say thank you because I'm your hyung. Sitting here today, however, I want to say thank you. Thank you Changmin ah, thank you.

Changmin: Junsu hyung is blood type B, just like me. People around us always say things like this. Whether it be me or the other members, or people around us, everyone is always saying, "If only I could have a child like Junsu," or "If only I could meet a guy like Junsu." Being with the people around you gives off a very comfortable vibe. It doesn't matter if you make an understandable or non-sensical joke, it always gives people very relaxed feelings. Because of this, you've given us a lot of comfort, and a lot of courage. Also...whether you mean to or not, you give us a lot of support, and you're a part of TVXQ that we can't be without. There's many things I'm sorry for, and also many things I'm thankful for. I want to take this chance to say thank you. I love you.

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Source: DNBN + Xiah Baidu Bar + Mr. TVXQ


Lili said...

omg! that was just so, so sweet.
junsu - wow, i'm speechless. he's always either silly or charismatic, but never really... sensitive, i guess? at least not in the same way as yoochun's supposed to be. or as caring as yunho. but his message to yoochun was really touching.
yoochun - hahaha yoochun and jaejoong going out for drinks... well, i suppose it does loosen inhibitions so they'll talk about more stuff together
jaejoong - he really thinks very far ahead... maybe too far ahead. while i can understand why he would be frightened of the possibility that tvxq might someday break up - the guys have been through so much together for so long - still... i'm just glad he has someone strong to lean on when he gets worried ^^
yunho - respectful, with carefully chosen words as always. and innocent changmin giving yunho advice? interesting :D
changmin - again, another very sweet, gentle side of a member revealed. the last part was so sweet! *in tears*
i'm really happy that the guys care for each other so much~
maybe this is a good sign for things to come?

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Anonymous said...

I love the relationship that all 5 of them share. Dun worry Jaejoong! U guys will be close pals forever. Even if one day DBSK cease to exist (touch wood), the relationship u guys share will still be there & u will still hv fans from all over the world supporting all 5 of u.

Take care DBSK & maintain the strong relationship u guys hv (:


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