Monday, October 06, 2008

Tohoshinki sings opening song for popular anime One Piece: "We Are"

Despite heavily promoting Mirotic (SPELL) in Korea, DBSK still has not forgotten their Japanese fan base.

The 5 member band took part in the remake of the opening theme "We Are" (the original song aired first season) for popular anime show One Piece, which kicks off its tenth season this month.

One Piece was recently voted as all-time #1 manga in an Oricon poll, beating the likes of other highly popular mangas such as Dragon Ball, Naruto and Death Note.

With over 140 million copies sold, One Piece is the third highest selling manga in the history of Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump. It is considered their most acclaimed and all-time third-best-selling title in Japan.

Considering the reach of this anime and it being a staple for the Japanese, no one’s going to forget these boys for a long time to come.

Tohoshinki's remake will be called the "One Piece Animation 10th Anniversary Version".

Watch the NEW 10th anniversary (DBSK version) of "We Are":

The original 1st season "We Are":

They had previously done an ending song for One Piece "Asu wa kuru kara" a few years back when they were not as well-known in Japan as they are today:

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crazypeach said...

I'm so happy that they were chosen for One Piece again! I love One Piece so much and it was one of the reasons I got hooked on DBSK!

Anonymous said...

I am a One Piece fan as much as I am a DBSK fan...

I know maybe some people might not agree with me... But the new version sounded too artistic and a bit not suitable for the anime... Cos they sing too well and the melody also sounded a bit too artistic as well...

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