Friday, October 10, 2008

TVXQ for Dr. Martens



Lili said...

doc martens?
o_o eesh. somehow, i can imagine "tohoshinki" endorsing them, but not "dong bang shin ki".
if that makes any sense...

looks cool, though ^^

Anonymous said...

Hee :D onli yoochun looks so happy in endorsing them. His smile is so radiant =P

r they all carrying the same boots?


Anonymous said...

i love micky smileee!!
his hair is sooo sexy..
i want more of him

Anonymous said...

those shoes are amazing.
where can you buy them?? they're not at the doc martens website.. :/ and there isn't even a doc martens store in korea!

Anonymous said...

You can find doc martens at ABC shops...just not in size 285 and above, apparently...:P

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