Friday, October 10, 2008

Changmin’s first love was when?!

Dong Bang Shin Ki member, Choikang Changmin has revealed that his first love was actually after his debut, arousing the curiosity of his fans.

Dong Bang Shin Ki appeared on KBS 2FM Hong Jun Kyung’s GayoGwajang (not too sure how to translate that ><). During their appearance, DJ Hong Jun Kyung asked Changmin “When was your first love?” (as in when did you first fall in love?) to which Changmin replied, “After debut.”, causing fans and listeners to become shocked.

After Changmin’s reply, Hong Jung Kyung continued to question Changmin by asking “Were they a star?” (star as in famous person) to which Changmin replied “No.”, revealing to us that his first love was not with a fellow star. After this reply, the DJ continued to drill Changmin with questions about his first love, but he wittily avoided them, making his fans even more curious.

Dong Bang Shin Ki have made their comeback after 1 year and 7 months with their album, ‘주문-Mirotic’ – which has sold over 100 000 copies, and is coming #1 on various online charts, proving to us their popularity and status as the #1 idol group in Korea.

Dong Bang Shin Ki also came #1 on MBC Radio – Jung Oh Wi's Hopeful Music Top 20 Chart on the 5th of October, to the interest of many people, both fans and listeners alike.

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Translation Credits: Celestial_Crystal@TVXQ Australia Forums


Lili said...

um... lol
innocent baby is not so innocent ^^
wonder who it was... a classmate? childhood friend? some random girl...? an sm trainee?

now i'm curious :P

Anonymous said...

oh gosh! im happy for changmin. I do hope he find his true love and stay happy (:

We shld nt prob too much ...but ... I'm curious to noe who is the girl tat changmin has fallen for !!! =P

Changmin! Hwaiting!


Anonymous said...

Sorry guys but it's me.....hehe..(just kidding not a joke)......really!before I liked him because of his purity(never been in love) but still his just a human....I wish the girl loved him and care for him...

Good luck Max!!!

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