Monday, October 06, 2008

‘Dong Bang Shinki ’ Choikang Changmin, “He almost lost his source of income because of Xiah Junsu?!”

Dong Bang Shinki’s youngest member Choikang Changmin became the topic of conversation as he exposed that Xiah Junsu almost cut off his source of income.

DBSK, who made an magnificent comeback stage after a year and 7 months, appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun’s Champagene’ and talked skillfully.

During the ‘Shower Talk- It’s all because of you’ Choikang Changmin exposed that because of Xiah Junsu almost stole his source of income. What happened was that at their debut, Choikang Changmin held the cute image in the group, but Xiah Junsu came out with ‘Angel Xiah’ and took the cute image, resulting in Changmin not having any road to follow. Choikang Changmin revealed “Because of him, I just became the tall kid in Dong Bang Shinki”.

After that they revealed that “The members of Dong Bang Shinki had a big fight because we all had our own images but Xiah Junsu messed it up”.



Anonymous said...

Well, now he seems to be going back to being the tall kid. Don't think Junsu has "cute" though. Nobody is cute anymore.

Kind of sad, really.

Anonymous said...

are they really mad at Junsu? :(

crazypeach said...

Gah...but I think Junsu was better with the "cute" image...Changmin is way better for a "hot" image. ^_^

Anonymous said...

i personally gonna label Junsu as 'charismatic' while Changmin ... ehem ... 'yummy smexy' hehehhehe 'cute' label no longer suitable for any of DBSK member


Anonymous said...

kind of sad actually.. frankly speaking, i think i agree with Changmin. (not because of his cute face. gah. slap me!) he used to be the cute one. and now just a tall kid from DBSK? how sad is that? junsu should just stick with the dolphin image. or make a new one. like junsu the clown or something.

Moon said...

that explains why Changmin is always making fun; mocking Junsu...I used to think that Changmin didnt take Xiah seriously, but it was just a bit of resentment...

my question: why cant they be TWO cute people in a group?? silly boys fighting over that. Anyway, like you pointed earlier, cute is hardly the correct label now. SUPER BURNING HOT suits them better, even former baby changmin!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm new here...just like to know whether anyone know the eng translation of dbsk iple message at their official web...cos i can't read korean...& i'm curious about the content

Ayumi said...

it's right that changmin is mad, i dont hate junsu but he should stick with his sexy attitude.

but wen i watch the shows dbsk were on, changmin look kinda distance

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