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JaeJoong's solo singing attracts the fans' discussion for the song " THE FORGOTTEN SEASON "...
On the 24th September,Attending - SM KTV, TVXQ got interviewed for the recording and preparation over the 4th album, and they discussed about the solo singing that Jaejoong sang.

Reperforming the old song by Lee Yong " the Forgotten season " was the idea of Lee Soo Man.
Jae Joong said " He ( Lee Soo Man ) has dreamt for along time to find a suitable singer for this song. And i feel so Proud to sing this brilliant song."

Hearing this information, Lee Yong himself stated," This song suits him well. Challenging,and will be a great step. and this will keep the song broadcasted to the 100 times memories."

"THE FORGOTTEN SEASON " by Lee Yong in 1982 with a song entitled " THE LAST NIGHT OF OCTOBER "are basically made based on the love impression in the Autumn, till now, alot of Singers remake the song as a best HIT.

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Lili said...

that picture's really scary! it makes him look like a a cartoon character, or some other cg character! O.o

jaejoong did a pretty good rendition of the song, but it went too high in some places. still... the way he sings it live is amaaazing~! gotta love that beautiful voice of his.

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i love his solo. I haven't heard the original yet though, I really wanna hear it as well.

But I love the songs that he remakes, like "Footsteps" during their Rising Sun Tour.

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