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Anonymous said...

i totally laugh after reading this. Did someone created this or was it the members themselves admitted it on the radio?

Do yunho has a small face? I dont think so ...

I totally laugh when i read abt changmin being too tall until it causes an imbalance with other members. U cant blame him rite? Besides, im glad he is tall (:
changmin is smart all right (:

yoochun shld start learning to save $...& yep he is a sentimental guy. I believe tats wad everyone likes abt him (:

haha ! Junsu being the innocent one as usual =P

hmm ...i believe the weakness of jaejoong is quite true. I watched variety shows that has DBSK in it & i sorta think tat jaejoong keeps giving ppl the wrong impressions and reveal things that shldnt be revealed...perhaps he shld think over them? No offense though to jaejoong & his fans out there. Its just my personal opinion...


Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or is everyone's strength also their weakness?

*giggles @ Jae's last one* X-man and the 'bitter juice', anyone? :D

Lili said...

hahaha junsu gets drunk easily and jaejoong drinks too much? i wonder what would happen if the two were left in a room full of..."bitter cola".
*evil grin*

yunho really is the father of the group~
and no one understands changmin? sad...
as long as yoochun has the money... doesn't he already live in a "palace"? XD

thanks for sharing!

Simply Tama said...

Their weaknesses and strengths are interchangeable, or at least to me.

Yunho: I don't know leader-shhi's face is really that small. I am not sure what people has with small faces, anyways. LOL. I am glad he cares about people, but yeah, he shouldn't care TOO much (push-over) since he has to be the leader. He does do a lot of random things just because...don't get hurt Yunho oppa!

ChangMin: Always doing stuff that others cannot understand, LOL. He is just at another level -- haha. But he is tall and it seems like he keeps growing! Myjeez! But he is very thoughtful~ go Minnie!

Yoochun: There really isn't anything wrong with his forehead -- LOL. So the first weakness -- he doesn't plan ahead? Yeah, Yoochun seems like he would just take things as they come. LOL. Funny.

Junsu: Too innocent? Nah. I think it's refreshing. LOL. Low alcohol tolerance -- this one should be obvious. He sometimes act like he is drunk when he isn't even drinking. LOL.

Jae Joong: WAH so many weaknesses. Let's see...don't care about games, that can NOT be a weakness. LOL. I guess if you were to live with Yoochun, that would be a weakness. He does care about others' opinions. And he does blurt out things -- LOL. Aiish~~

Anonymous said...

hello sister, glossy layout, much love!! sweet heeeee :P

sorry for being slow on comments But I still heart your blog's


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