Thursday, October 02, 2008

Micky Yoochun-4th Album Thank You Message

Credits:Soompi &


Anonymous said...

To Yoochun,
U will definitely have many days of smiles than compared to tears. Continue to live well Micky & be happy. It is my turn to thank u, thank u for being in DBSK, being there as part of the group, helping to bring life into the songs DBSK sang.

Smile (: We will continue to support u & DBSK !


Anonymous said...

Omg...really..that has got to be the most beautiful Thanks To message I've ever read in an album booklet...

Micky, you have so much love inside of you..for people..for're a blessing to many ^^

And yes, always keep your relationship with Christ first. It's through him that you have the strength to live. Please stay close to Him in your walk ^^

I love you <3


Anonymous said...

your message is really touching.. it made me cry. Crying is good.. but you're right there should be more smiles and less tears. Be happy, oppa. =)Stay strong and stay close to God. I know you will experience the hapiness that you deserve. Fighting!!


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