Friday, October 10, 2008

U-Know Yunho, Jeon Ji Hyun ‘Shocking Meeting’ Revealed

U-Know Yunho revealed how he became involved with his ideal type, Jeon Ji Hyun.

On the broadcast of KBS ‘Happy Together Season 3′ on the 9th, Dong Bang Shin Gi member U-Know Yunho drew interest when he said, “I had the chance to meet my ideal type, Jeon Ji Hyun.”

The two recently had opportunity of meeting since Dong Bang Shin Gi has been selected as a model for a cellular company, the same brand which Jeon Ji Hyun is a model for.

In their upcoming advertisement, Yunho’s manager revealed that, “The advertisement’s concept called for Yunho and Jeon Ji Hyun to sit face to face and drink coffee,” and also added that “He suddenly became tense.”

During the advertisement shooting, Jeon Ji Hyun’s trademark long & straight hair was what enticed Yunho, evoking the curious viewers of ‘Happy Together.’

Source: Review Star

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