Thursday, October 02, 2008

[FEATURED] DBSK on international TV in Chile (South America)!

DBSK featured on Chile's "En Serie" program + release of MIROTIC:

credit: DdO blog + tvxqparasiempre@YT + fangirlmitz

Translation & Summary by mistika@soompi + corrections from anonymous:
"Now, let's talk about the second band. They are Korean and everyone keeps on asking for them (their songs). And I wanna tell you about them again, they are TVXQ, also known in Japan as Tohoshinki and Dong Bang Shin Ki. They have different names, but here we're gonna call them TVXQ.

Now we're gonna show you their new material, and this is super cool because it's really new, it was released just a few days ago and this is Mirotic. xD Here is TVXQ on the stage. [Shows video clip]

That was TVXQ with this video named Mirotic, the album has the same name and it's gonna be launched in two different versions, one that is the normal one, we could say standard, and then, there's gonna be one that's gonna have a DVD and a photobook. And like you saw in the video, TVXQ came up with a new look because they have a new stylist. They are gonna present a look that is actually more modern and aside from that, they are really good-looking because they all are deportists, dancers, gymnast; so this is their style. "

...Then the guy says, "they're Korean, they're Korean" (seems like he doesn't believe Chileans are drooling over Korean boys lol). The girl then confirms it. The guy asks if the album is also gonna come out in Chile or if can you buy it online... (SM they're asking for CD's in Chile!!!)

The girl says TVXQ is focused now on the Korean market, so it'd be difficult to find it somewhere else, but that people can go to Providencia [edit] which according to our reader is "Santiago's (Chile's capital) biggest part of the city where you can find the latest things regarding music, clothes" etc. They also name Eurocentro which [edit] according to our reader is a huge mall where you can also find lots of stores of different kinds, specially when it comes to foreign merchandise. Then she goes on saying that the video of Mirotic is already on the show's website and that everyone should check it out.

- EDIT -


I totally hyperventilated when I saw this. I have never seen any other Asian singer/artists being covered like THIS on music shows in countries that are not Asian! Totally astounding how AWESOME Chile fans have represented themselves and their poweress!

This is not the first time DBSK has been featured in a show/national news from a country in the South Americas (special mention goes to the Peru fans!) I am just wondering how many fans there are over there D: I am totally happy and jealous of you guys ^^ GO international fans!


Lili said...

aaah so cool! i wish tvxq would get coverage like that in north america (maybe they'd visit more T_T)
but south america's ok, too. first korea, next japan, then the rest of asia, and finally - south america! that'd be amazing! *imagines dongbang singing in spanish XD*

thanks for sharing!

rennie said...

so cool!!! This is the first time i heard of a asian band that made in the other side of the world!! Only DBSK can achieve this, no other they are called the 'GODS' :DD

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

well i so started to listen to DBSK music recently, due to the fact i dont like pop, im a hardcore fan of rock, but DBSK's style is really something, the song are cool with nice beats.
Anyways, thing is im from Chile, so i wanted to correct two things about what you wrote.
First. Providencia aint a Korean kind of town, unfortunetly lol, its more like one of Santiago's (Chile's capital city) biggest part of the city, where you can find the latest things regarding music, clothe, and stuff like that.

Second. Eurocentro its like a really really hugh Mall where you can also find lots of stores of different kinds, specially when it comes to foreing stuff.

And yes, girl from chile do drool over DBSK xD

Im a guy but i really like DBSK music, cant compare it with other "boy bands" cause they really have a unic style with different music trends, which the best part.

Nice site btw =D

nati-chan said...

I will have to check our music channels more often to see if there are any news about TVXQ here in Argentina. I do know that there already are a couple of DBSK argentinean sites.
It's very difficult to get their CDs here but I buy them online and they are sent from Hong Kong. Unfortunately it takes a month and a half for the stuff to arrive but in the end, it's always worth waiting for such a long time.

Anonymous said...

woo.. i always watch japanese bands in that channel... never got to see them..
it's cool.. really cool
i wonder how many more fans there are here in Chile..
come to Chile Dbsk!!!

we're waiting

Alexandra said...

es q no puedo creer q nombren a mmi pais en este sitio , si como pueden ver somos muchas las fanaticas de DBSk en chile la verdad q encantan a cualquiera estos chiko cada vez se hacen mas conocidos y espero algun dia poder verlos por latinoamerica saludos bye

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