Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[TRANS] 101708 Junsu Iple Message



Anonymous said...

is junsu the last to leave his message? No right? I scrolled all the way to older posts and only found yoochun & jaejoong messages. Will you dbsker/april still post changmin & yunho messages? I would like to see them (: Hope to see them soon!


Anonymous said...

oh, my funny dorky Junsu!!! I couldn't stop smiling while reading his message...
So sweet of him!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

DBSK finghting!!!!

shortxswt said...

Finally they came out with english translations~^^

Moon said...

thanks for that! on the pic with Eunhuyk, he looks a bit different, older. me likey!!! (i felt really guilty these days to fall for such a young lad, with a cute babyface! the guilty is gone!! hehehe

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