Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Nation 2007 on WOWOW

Awesome performances. Thanks Tag for uploading them for me! You're the best! Enjoy everyone! Summer Dream is da BOMB!

Lovin' You

Choosey Lover

Summer Dream



Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Those were awesome performances!! I don't know if anyone else heard it, but in Choosey Lover, I could hear someone singing an octave higher than everyone else..does anyone have an idea who it might've been?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading! Their Live performances are so amazing..they sound exactly like on the cd. i think that was Jae singing with this falsetto. but they were amazing! i clapped and cheered after watching every clip. and they are SO HOT!! i don't know if anyone noticed but they seem to be very tired. maybe they are traveling too much and too little sleep? anyhoo, i hope they take good care of their health. DBSK FIGHTING!!!

FiFi said...

Perfect performance, yes...
But sadly, they look utterly tired.

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