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If something magical happens to the members of TVXQ...?

Five Magic Stories that are very unique


TVXQ, who's currently actively participating in activities in Japan, has brought to the
readers of "S Magazine" news that are like magic. On August 1st, their 12 Japanese single
"SUMMER ~Summer Dream/Song for you/Love in the Ice~" reached no. 1 on the Oricon daily
singles chart on the first day of release. Because they have conquered the top spot on
Oricon, they were very happy. In addition, with other famous Japanese artists releasing
their albums/singles, it was anticipated that there'd be intense competition. But during the
first week, their single reached a shocking sales record of 11,300 copies. This in turn led
the single to be in the no. 2 spot on the Oricon weekly chart. Once again, this has proven
the popularity of Asia's no. 1 group. Moreover, starting from the release of their 2nd single
"Somebody To Love" in July 2005, with the inclusion of 2 albums, TVXQ has set the astonishing
record of all 13 discs reaching the top 10 on the Oricon charts. Please look forward to the
magical activities of TVXQ's 12th single "SUMMER". Also, TVXQ has brought their "MAGIC STORIES"
as a treat to all the readers of "S Magazine".

I want to be an invisible man

I really want to be an invisible man for one week to experience the things that are really
hard for me [to do] right now. One of these things would be travelling. If I'm an invisible
man, firstly, I can travel freely to the places that I want to visit and become a man of freedom.
With the ability to travel around the world, even thinking about it makes me incredibly excited.
At the same time, I would not miss out on a single musician that I admire, whether they reside in
Korea or elsewhere. I would definitely go pay them a visit. They have received the public's
affirmation as musicians and the things they don't reveal would only be their individual techniques
and the hard work they have put forth. All of this would be a big help in my becoming the musician
I have dreamed of (laugh). At the same time, I want to give hope to those who really need help from
others, especially those whose dreams have stumbled across a blockade and are in desperate situations
in which they can only give up. This is because I have dreamed of becoming a singer starting from a
long time ago. In order to make this dream come true, there's no one better than me who knows the
amount of hard work one has to put forth. Even though one would feel that one is willing to face
anything for the sake of reaching one's dream, there are times when one would feel tired and find it
tough. One may feel downtrodden and want to give up... [So, I] want to encourage those who are in this
tired state; [I] want to help them to be able to press onward from here on.

Through magical performances, let everyone enjoy a time of happiness

It'd be so good if our performances can frequently add in the element of magic. If those who are having
a hard time due to studying or those who are in pain due to love come to watch our shows, even if it's
only a moment of releasing their anxieties, it'd be such a wonderful thing. The fans who come to watch
our shows as well as us members can feel the happiness and excitement. When they're watching our electrifying
dances and listening to our songs, the audience is basking in a world of happiness during this time. Just like
they've fallen into a magical trance! After seeing their sparkling eyes, perhaps I will perform without the
knowledge of fatigue. I truly believe that those who are watching us on stage right now can also feel
a bit of happiness, a bit of joy! I also hope it will continue like this in the future. Those fans who have
come to see our performances and in turn worked harder to study, when I heard the fans chatting excitedly and
happily, I will unknowingly become charged with intense ambition. [I look] really cool like that, right? During
our performances, illusions are displayed through the use of "magic" at certain moments. [This could be referring
to special effects during shows; I'm not sure.] As a result, TVXQ members can also re-energize. And even if our
energy has depleted because of this, when we stand on stage, we can convey our energy at any time. [I think this
means no matter how tired they are, they will still perform with power and energy on stage. ^^V]

Please give me the power to fly in the sky

Magic... When you think about it, it's a really happy word. Just like birds that can fly in the sky, and
like Peter Pan who can forever retain his current self, it's like these intricate miracles can really turn
into reality. If I can really be so lucky, just like Peter Pan who has the power to fly in the sky, that'd be
great. At the end of a day's schedule when everyone has fallen asleep, I would think about wanting to fly. How
much hidden pain would this cause? I can also fly back to Korea's home in a short time (laugh). Maybe the sight
of watching the night sceneries would be different than the view from riding a bus. How similar would it be?
[This sounds strange to me and I don't know if it's a mistake in the original translation; maybe it should be
"different" instead of "similar", or maybe Jaejoong's wondering there could possibly be some similarities despite
the differences.] The buses that are on the streets would be like toys. The stars will also be by my side,
sparkling brightly. Clouds would also be like soft wool caressing my cheeks. Maybe I'd even get to meet Superman or
Spiderman... This can happen, right? Hahaha... Seems like I've gone on a tangent. Even if this cannot come true,
it's ok. Just thinking about it makes me very happy.

I want to see the future me more quickly

I want to ride the time machine to the future me ten years from now. I've had this thought for the past ten years.
I've had goals. Now that I've become an artist, whenever I think about what I'll be like ten years from now,
my heart will beat fast. Ten years from now, I'll be 32. Right now, I have two biggest goals. One is to grow and
become a real musician. The other is to become an exemplary father just like my father. My goal is to become a
musician who is affirmed in my own country and abroad; to create music that no one else can imitate and only
contains my distinct style. In addition, my music can have the power to give inspiration to everyone in the world.
I want to become such a musician. All along, my father is the person whom I most respect. If I can also be a father
that my child/children can be proud of, that'd be great. Whether it's music or family, I don't want to lose either aspect.
I'm living a very fruitful reality. The future will definitely be the way I have envisioned it. I will work hard in
passing the days of my life in preparation for what is to happen ten years from now.

I want to have a magic book that records everything

"If there's something magical that has happened in my surroundings?" Sounds like it's a very broad question (laugh).
I really want to think about this all of a sudden, but I couldn't think of anything. From when I was younger
till now, once in a while I would think about what would happen if something like this were to occur. Let's start
from the conclusion. It's a magic book. Just like a regular book, the size would be convenient to carry around.
The pages inside would be blank. When watching others showing magic tricks, in the book that contains nothing, if I
drew a pigeon [on the blank page], then a pigeon will fly out [from the book]. But the magic book that I want is not
one where pigeons can fly out. When you hold the book in your hand, you can then know what one's mind is thinking.
If there's a book that you want to read, you just have to think about it, open the magic book, and the contents you had
envisioned would appear. Ummm... If the things that I want can appear once they're drawn in the book, that'd be
great (laugh). When I suddenly have a book I want to read or something that I want to understand but I can't get right
away, then I'll forget [about these things] at this time. Or it'd be quite a while before I remember [them] again.
Perhaps when someone beside me said something, then I would go "aigoo" when it suddenly jogged my memory about
something. At these times, if there's such a magic book, the book I want to read can appear and the things I want to
understand will be known. This kind of feeling is very good. Ah! It's also just as happy as a movie. The images of
happy memories are all stored in the book. The best would be to open the [magic] book occasionally and can see
these things. When we perform, we cannot take pictures of ourselves. We can [only] take pictures of the fans. When
things get tough, if we see the fans' encouragement, then we will get our energy back (laugh). After saying all this,
it seems that it's like an all-purpose notebook. Would there really be nothing like this type of computer or electronic
device in the future? You don't need to type or do a search, all you need is a screen to see all the things that you wish
for. I really want to have this kind of incredible magic book (laugh).

Credits:Chinese Translation Team: - Text Extraction: yvonne1228, Translation: KAKA, QC: Li Er, Graphics: Ming MingEnglish Translation: wackycashew / dreamweaver@soompidreamweaver@soompi


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