Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fan Account From Paris

This is a fan account posted by luvjj @ dbsg comm, LJ of her experience meeting DBSK in France.

What I think about the boys now that I've seen them in real

But I just want to tell you a few things I had the luck to see about them.

First time meeting them was at the airport. At first we all were so excited! But then all the girls I talked too who were there (the majoity of us kept contact), we all felt very depressed.
True Yunho and Changmin were kind. But JJ and Yoochun giving quite a cold shoulder and the fan girling we could not suppress left us regretful.
We were all asking each other "and what if jae and chun are playing a role for the TVs and that's how they are in real?" Jae have so much fan here.
But after seeing them 2 two times at their hotel (I'm lucky it was only 15 minutes from my house!!!), one time in La Sorbonne Saint Michel and the last time in the Louvre museum I must say that it wasn't true.

The driver of their bus became my friend and he told me a few thing about the boys. And thanks to him I have all their autographs on All about DBSK.
I wasn't sure if I had to keep it for myself and I wanted to do so at first but then every cassiopeia share what we have for the sake of the dong bang boys and that's what I really love in this fandom, the way we all help each other. I've meet, thanks too them, wonderful people (in RL and in the Internet).

I will begin with Yunho. It will never be enough said. This guy is a prince,a real angel. Always very very very kind with everybody always smiling and willing to give autographs even if he's tired even if his stupid manager is yelling at him to go . He's the ultimate leader. I had the chance to see him, he was alone with 3 persons of his staff (I think they were 16 with the boys, 3 girls, one translator, a manager and few assistants the rest were pfotgraphs) . At first I didn't want to bother him but my friend was kind of daring me to talk to him. So I went to him said "bonjour" he said "bonjour" too with no accent. I asked him if we could shake hands he didn't understand but someone of his staff told him and he did it. Ok my mind was so blank! I nearly forgot to say au revoir and left, we waited to be in another street to scream like the happy fan girl we were so he couldn't hear us. I don't think he knew we were fans so the morning after, when he saw us at the hotel he looked at us for nearly 30 seconds ahaha. And in the Louvre he gave us a bright smile and a little wave. Every fan I talk too say the same thing Yunho U-Know is the most kind (ad hot) person on earth. Thinking about the anti fans made me really sad and angry now that I know how he is in RL. But, please he's too thin, it's not healthy anymore, he's face is so small!!! Please pray for his health. And Oh! he is SO GOOD LOOKING. This boy has every thing for him, the person he will marry (even if I seriously hope Jaeho is real) will be one damn lucky girl.

Changmin is very cute. So much more handsome than in pics (just like Yoochun); I already told you how I talked to him in the airport (He was just next to me and I said "anyooooo changminiiie!" he smile shyly and bowed his head a little)
When I was at their hotel he already was in the bus with yunho. But he saw me I pointed at him and I was like "hey changminie!" and he started laughing cutely and waving at us. And so did he saturday. Even he had a fed up face when he saw all the girls waiting for them (the french fans were waiting for them near the bus and some asian fans/tourists?, maybe 12 were waiting for them IN the hotel.) A girl wanted to give a letter to Yoochun bt he didn't saw her so she turned too Changmin ; he was pointing at yoochun saying "no no no him!" AHAHAHA!

Junsu is cute too. He tried to talk with french people, played foot with little kids in a park, I heard him sing neyo while he was doing a fotoshoot, and OMG he's voice is wonderful. I talked a little too him and Yoochun in the Louvre. I just said to Yoochun that "We just wanted to say goodbye" he gave me a very shiny smile and came back too his phone (him and Jae are ALWAYS talking on the phone or sending messages maybe they have girlfriends? I won't lie I will be happy for Yoochun but so jealous for Jae!!!). Junsu was sitting on the floor. I asked him if we could shake hands. His hands are so so small and soft. Kinda girly actually. I was starting to leave but I turned back to him and said "Oh! Xiah Junsu fighting! "He did the motion with his arm and smiled one very tired yet cute smile.

And now Jae. I didn't expected him to be like that though the boys already told this. This guy is so so so good looking. I'm not very shy ok, but even if his my fav (with Yunho and then the other boys are 2nd ex aequo I just love them all) I talked to every one and not him. He's not girly at all. Actually he's almost more manly than Yunho since his shoulder are more broad . He's so cool. Maybe too much? I don't know. But in no way he could be mistaken as a girl. He kinda seems to be inaccessible, like a princess in his Ivory tower. He loves to be by himself. If he's not shooting or talking on the phone most of time he's alone listening to his Ipod. Even the driver told that this boys seems to be different, he has something very special about him, an aura of nostalgia, of melancholy emanates from him. The driver told me that sometime all the boys were talking and laughing and that he just seems to be off thinking of other things, being in another world. He told me that one time they were talking he left, sat next to him and just listened to his music without saying a word. It makes me understand the "booJaejoong" nickname since he spaces out a lot. But he's kind too (and he's the most gorgeous person I've ever seen on earth) and sign autographs too fans when he can.

Maybe it was because they were tired? Because yes they were. Jaejoong had such eye bags! And it was not just him but everybody. They had to be in the bus a 8:30 am and to come back to sleep at 11pm except Saturday. The driver told me that fans didn't understand they were not here to do tourism but to work, they had no time for themselves at all until Saturday, when he had to take them to Les Galleries Lafayette so they could do some shopping.Every where they went they were people who knew who they are. At Montmartre they are a lot of asian tourists: they could hardly work because of people always bothering them. That's why I didn't want to bother them by taking photos even if I could do so many many many times. It must already be exhausting to always have girls (and of them badly fan girling) watching you, following you everywhere. The driver told me that some Chinese girls where chasing him in a cab. And at the airport I don't know if it was the same girls but they were not french , they tried to go in their bus and where reaming like mad.

I feel really bad for them. Always working their best for us. I just saw them 2 days and I was so so so tired. A girl who followed them 3 days quite everywhere told me she had lost 5 kg since they had come. They have money and no time to spend it, they had to change 10 times per day in the bus. They sang in it, slept in it. They were in France and didn't relax at all. I'm worry about their health they're all so thin.

Please pray for them, love and support them the best you can. Share the Dong Bang Love.

Hope this account wasn't too boring. ^^

Another account about Yunho

I've always been a silent reader in this thread (soompi) but this time I just want to share my experience because I'm one of the happiest french fan in this world XD

A lot of people told their stories so i don't want to bother you with mine, I just want to tell something that happen when I asked an autograph to Yunho, because he's the nicest person i've ever seen on earth and i want people to know it >3<

It was on saturday, the boys were walking in the streets, they just stopped sometimes to take photos and all that stuff ...
At that moment, Yunho was alone with only ONE manager and started to walk at the other side of the street ... So my friend told me to go and ask him an autograph because he's my favourite and I would never have a chance like this one >o<
3 others fans and I went after him and asked him if he can give us his autograph ... But yeah, I don't know why, the managers didn't want them to sign autographes, so the manager who was with him was like "no no sorry" (but he said this nicely, unlike some OTHERS bad managers è___é).
But we insisted a little, and Yunho looked at the manager, and at us, he looked like he REALLY wanted to sign it for us but he knew he hadn't the right to do it >o<
So after a few seconds, he look at us, started to walk slowly and with his hand, he made us understand that he wanted us to follow him.
We did so, and while he was taking our papers and other things which were waiting to be signed, he was looking nervously behind his shoulder to see if the other manager didn't see him ...
AND !!!!! He looked at us and put his sexy finger on his sexy mouth with a "shhhhhhh" because he didn't want the bad manager to see what he was doing ~

HE'S SO NICE !!!! <33333333333333 He signed autographes for us secretly >____________________<

Ah yeah I just forgot to say one thing ... while I was following him nervously, I accidently ... WALK ON HIS SHOES 3 TIMES A ROW * KABOOM!*...
At the 3rd time, he turned his head and smile at me nicely... but i'm sure his smile meant something like "are you doing it on purpose ? Ôo You don't know how to walk properly, don't you ??" u__________u;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I was SO ashamed, i didn't know what to say >o< So I just said "I'm really very sorry !~~ "
I'm sure he thought I did it on purpose >o< I felt soooo bad after that !! >____________<
Especially when you know that I did weird things just in front of him like 4 times in a single week end ... I was sooo ashamed >_____<

So ... it was just the moment I wanted to share with you, I don't want to bother you much~ ^^
I'll post pictures if I can find the cable of my camera ... I'll regret it all my life if I can't find it and the pictures will stay on my camera forever XD

It was just one of the best week end of my life =)
Thank you TVXQ >.<

(And sorry for my bad english, I'm still very excited so it's hard to think haha xDDD)
credits: Pitchu@soompi

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! ^_^



Anonymous said...

OMG!! she is the luckiest person on this face of the earth!!! btw,what are they doing in France? is that where their 4th album will take place? i'm so curious. i wonder if they would ever visit the states? Her encounter with them almost sounds unreal...yet i believe every single word she says because i believe that our boys are like that in real life. i just hope they take care of their health because she is right, they are very thin...especially Yunho. i noticed that about him very easily. They need to rest and eat more. hope they get more sleep and rest. DBSK FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG yunho is sooo nice!(: all of us know tht everyone said tht the first impression og jaejoong is cold hearted ryte??like the other member says if we know him deeply he actually is cool and warm hearted:)) maybe his just tired just like you said.besides they are in another country(: they must hav miss korea.and look at him in korea.his so hyper!hahah even the member said tht his noisy hahaha

Anonymous said...

that was short w/ Yoochun (based on her story). i guess, a bit, a-not-so-good news. maybe they're just tired. >__< -Reef

Anonymous said...

lucky fans... T_T... *stay in the conner of jealous*

Yunho such kind heart love him!!! (^__^)....

I wish them all the best and stay healthy,,,

Thanks Lynn,


peeyuh said...

We could seriously use some more Yunho-s in this world. *sigh*

ju. said...

Yunho really is the best yeahhh \(^0^)/ When i knew that DBSK were here in Paris, i couldn't believe it !! IN-CRE-DI-BLE ! I was so excited and so disappointed because this day i was working ahhhhh gosh... They were so close... (T^T) Hope they'll come again ! Thanks for this post !

Anna said...

She was so lucky.. haha can face with face with Yunho.
I never see DBSk in real person before. They hardly come to Singapore.
But I think all of them are very nice especially Yunho who was willing to sign for them although their manager refused!!

Anonymous said...

wow. that makes me want to meet them soo much. I'm not suprise if yunho think the girl is bumping at him on purpose.. 3 times. that imposibble to be just accident.. anyway, she's such a lucky girl

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