Monday, September 17, 2007

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DBSK Will Perform Japanese Songs for the First Time at their Seoul Performance Concerts [ 2007/09/15 ]

Male group DBSK will perform their popular Japanese songs for the first time [in Korean concerts] at their Seoul ENCORE Concert. DBSK will hold encore concerts, titled "DBSK – The 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT "O" ~ SEOUL ENCORE" from October 26 thru the 28 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. At that time, DBSK will sing two of their popular Japanese songs, as well as one never been performed song from their third Korean album 'O' - Jung.Ban.Hap...thus, they have prepared three new stage performances. The track list of the other concert songs will not be released until the day of the performances. A rep from their management agency [S.M. Entertainment] indicated, "Through these upcoming performances, DBSK's outstanding vocal abilities and magnificent stage performances will be displayed."

DBSK's Online Ticketing Order Site Paralyzed...Again [ 2007/09/16 ]

From the start, popular Korean band DBSK's Seoul ENCORE concert online ticket ordering website was swamped by countless passionate fans, thus causing the site's network server to be paralyzed. On the 16th [of September] at 12 noon, DBSK's Seoul concert tickets began selling at their official Korean pre-order ticketing site. However, due to the large number of fans simultaneously accessing the site, their server soon became paralyzed. An official for the pre-order ticketing site stated, "Prior to this, we had already taken into consideration DBSK to be a group that commanded a high box-office demand. Therefore, we had taken preventative measures and steps to increase server capacity. However, when the pre-order ticketing site opened and instantly over 300,000 visitors simultaneously connected to our server, that caused our server to freeze up/crash. We will repair our server as soon as possible to ensure ticket sales to proceed smoothly."


33,000 Tickets Sold Out For DBSK Seoul Concert [ 2007/09/17 ]

DBSK - THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT 'O' ~ SEOUL ENCORE concert tickets have been completely sold out. On the 16th [of September] at 12 noon, right when ticket sales began, the pre-order ticketing web site received over 300,000 hits and within two seconds, the server crashed. Despite this incident, around 4 pm, all 33,000 concert tickets were completely sold out.

After hearing the news that all of the tickets were sold out, DBSK expressed, "We would like to thank our fans again for your solidarity and love [for us]. We will give our best performance to repay each and every one of you. Right now we are preparing new songs/performances for the upcoming concert. Please look forward to it everyone."

DBSK - THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT 'O' ~ SEOUL ENCORE concert will be held from October 26th thru 28th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, three in total. DBSK will be performing two popular Japanese songs, as well as one never been performed song from their Korean third album 'O' - Jung.Ban.Hap.

Source: Sina
Translation Credits: Ailin*@soompi


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