Thursday, September 13, 2007

Japanese Solo Pieces by DBSK

I just stumbled upon this. Would really look forward to it!! Their first Japanese Solos!

Found a a streaming link! Happy listening to the previews!

いよいよ、来週は、NEWシングル「SHINE / Ride on」が
Good evening, everyone.
Next week will be finally the release of the new single "SHINE/Ride on"!
And at the same time! The solo songs of the members which will be performed at the PREMIUM Mini LIVE will be already available at mu-mo on 9/19 as ringtones!

YUNHO from 東方神起
「Crazy Life」
The song by Yunho, who is the leader and is good at dancing, is a sexy & cool Hip Hop dance tune.

JEJUNG from 東方神起
The song which was produced by his own request overturns Tohoshinki's image! Jaejoong's song is about breaking away from a perplex world, a rock tune with a running impression

CHANGMIN from 東方神起
Changmin challenges in an extreme song (sorry don't know which word to use in english .. maybe "wild" like the title? xD I think it refers to a hi-tempo song) with rap and very high vocals. The vocals are so high that even for women the notes are difficult to hit, the song is a rock sound.

JUNSU form 東方神起
「Rainy Night」
He sings like talking "I still love you", Junsu's solo song shows off his vocals brilliantly. It's composed by Yoochun and is a medium tune song. He sings straight about love. (YOOSU HERE?? <3333)

YUCHUN form 東方神起
「My Girlfriend」
Yoochun, who has a very sexy and adult voice among the Tohoshinki members, ....
eh. the entry is cut off here for some reasons xDDD

Credits: tohoshinki official page Staff S's diary, translations by eri_m @ LJ



tOgTaG said...

It's really a YOOSU Moment there. Hehe. I can't wait to listen to that song. How sweet is it going to be? >///<

[kanna] said...


I'm excited for the solos! I remember in the "We're Curious About..." interviews with DBSK, JaeJoong said he wanted to sing a rock ballad or modern rock song.

Totally looking foreword to all their solos, esp JaeJoong's. ^_^ Thanks for the update.

Sakuragirl421 said...

How can the entry get cut off at one of the best parts of the article?

I'm really glad to hear about Changmin doing rock. Can't wait to hear it!

Anonymous said...

OMG,everyone doing somthg new!(:cnt wait.YOOSU<33haaha

Anonymous said...

Really can't wait for ChangMin - IzumiSutekiAnime

fions said...

Its inside the shine/ride on Single? So.. shine/ride on is a single or album?

Anonymous said...

im really curious..i really wanna hear solo music from the members...but in a way isnt it bad? or the other might have better a way...though i will support be if theyre trying out for solo careers or sometihng...OR...there will be conflict between some ppl regarding the saless...and wat if evil soo man might come up with something for the person with the least sales?!? either ways..SUPPORT TVXQ FOREVER! fighting!

Anonymous said...

alright, i'm way behind this. but i know i could find a way to hear their 'solo's. Ms. Lynn! help me here, pls? thanks much. - Reef64

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