Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sign the Petition

Being a fellow Malaysian fan, I will make this post for the sake of other fans who are feeling heartbroken and disappointed that the concert date clashes with SPM and STPM papers. I wonder how is it that Malaysia got switched from being the last stop. Kero emailed me about this issue and of course this petition has its merits. We can hope that it will help in persuading the organisers to postpone the date.

For more information on the petition click HERE

SIGN THE PETITION HERE - Postpone DBSK's concert in Malaysia

I urge everyone to help out in realising the fans' dream of attending the concert



Anonymous said...

i signed!(: tqq! fr the info(: my sis is sitting fr SPM so obviously i need a grown up to go to the i cant go if they didnt post pone it:(

[kanna] said...

Signed, even though I don't even live in Malaysia, DBSK fans fighting!

gluzen said...

hey there!
im not malaysian nor do I live in malaysia.. but i would like to help out with the petition! umm, can you tell me what the SPM and STPM paper thing is? Just asking.. Im guessing its really important since it conflicts with the TVXQ concert. haha at least they get to go to your country. Im still waiting for them to come to Toronto =( well anyways, Dong Bang Fighting!

Anonymous said...

the company its still remain the same date because they said its already set the date with the boys and contract had signed =\. but there is still havin a concert next year :D whoopies <3

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