Saturday, September 22, 2007

DBSK Solo Piece Preview

Junsu-Rainy Night
Yoochun-My Girlfriend
Changmin-Wild Soul
Yunho-Crazy Life



Anonymous said...

Really, their success has reached its critical mass!
Xiah's- flattering to my ears; pop type
Micky's- smooth and refreshing; rnb type
JaeJ's- upbeat and really rocks!
ChangMin's - young and loud but hip *cool
Yunho's - thought i heard Usher in here, so nifty...*laughs
now, i dig Yoochun(sorry, biased) Yunho and Xiah's. so, i'll take 3. *v*
thanks for the update! -Reef64

Anonymous said...

i like all of them but my fav will be JJ:) cant wait

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! They each sound AMAZING. 0-0 So good that they make me go crazy...

At the same time, the solos make me really sad. Maybe because of the recently posted rumours, I feel scared about DBSK singing separately. They must be together forever!!! Or at least longer...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the are going to release these? I want to be able to hear the whole song.

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