Monday, September 10, 2007

DBSK Friend Finding Meme

I've been really busy lately. But I took time to do this. You should too. If you have an LJ Account that is. Even if you don't have one, it would be great if you all could fill it out too and post it in the comment box.

After all, we all have one common interest = DBSK!!!
One common interest = excuse to be friends!

Hehe.. Let's share the DBSK love around and get to know each other!

Here's the link [

If you don't have an LJ account fill up this form.

★ AGE:

To wrap up, Here's mine!

★ NAME: Lynn
★ AGE: 22 (Am I like the OLDEST here??? *faints* Hope not.. Hehehe...)
★ LOCATION: KL, Malaysia. Land of sunny and humid weather.. Love it and can't imagine living anywhere else..
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: Junsu and Yoochun!
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: DUH.. YOOSU of course!! They're the cutest things ever!!!!! LOL.. I hope I don't get pounced on by Jaeho fans. ^_^
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: Suju? They're DBSK bro band after all. I love Kimi Raikkonen, Supernatural, Heroes, etc, bla bla bla.. My brain is kinda jammed now.. Hahaha... I like the colour green, I like unhealthy spicy/fried food. I like sleeping or just plain lazing around (Gosh I miss doing that).. Will add if I think of more.
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): Still is DBSK. Nothing else matters.. LOL
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: I LOVE IT IF YOU RESPONSE. Really.. Your comments give me motivation to post more. They really do!! But seriously, I love that the response is way better these days.. Thank you all so much for supporting DBSKer.. DBSK HWAITING!!! DBSK FANS HWAITING!! WOOT! ^_^


Michelle said...

heyy! juz realli quickly cause i have an assignment due last friday! -_-"

★ NAME: Mish
★ AGE: 20 -_-"
★ LOCATION: Australia
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): Jaejoong! Micky! All of DBSK lol!! Currently obsessed with earning enough $ to get to KL to see DBSK perform in Jan 07!!!

Anonymous said...

hey lynn!! I've been going to your site for about a year now, thanx for all you've done!! maybe i'll see u on LJ! Take Care ;)

tOgTaG said...

Name: Tag
Age: 22 (the same age as me ^_^, you're not alone anymore, Lynn hehe..)
Location: Ann Arbor, USA (I'm Thai actually)
Favourite Member: Junsu and Yoochun
Favourite Couple: Yoosu >///<
Current Obsession: umm.. can't think of anything else except DBSK. They're the best. (for me though)
Anything Else: It's really nice to found this site and met all of you. ^_^ HWAITING DBSKer HWAITING Lynn HWAITING YOOSU!!!

[kanna] said...

★ NAME: Kanna
★ AGE: 18 (Changmin's only a year older >>)
★ LOCATION: San Fransisco, CA
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: Hmm...honestly I don't have one.
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: Super Junior! Se7en, the random variety shows like X-Man, Love Letter~
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): DBSk? I wouldn't say obsession but they're the current motivation.
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: I hope this helps accomplish whatever it was supposed to?

Anonymous said...

★ NAME: Abby
★ AGE: 16
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: Jaejoong, he was the first member i noticed and got me hooked on DBSK
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: no couple. i just think that they're really close friends, i love their friendship.
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: Super Junior, The TRAX, Bi, and many others i can't recall right now.
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): DBSK, still...seriously, i've been obsessed with them since i first heard of them but how could i not, they're so cool. i seriously would love to meet them and become friends.
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: i plan to live in South Korea after graduation.

ladysu said...

★ NAME: ladysu aka soo fern
★ AGE: 20 (we're almost the same..^^;;)
★ LOCATION: currently studying in KL (i never know u're in KL too~! XD)
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES:Anime, manga, drama, chocolate, pc games, ice-creams...etcetc ^^;;
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): DBSK~! & the coming concert~! XD
★ ANYTHING ELSE?:I hope to master japanese and korean language and seriously work there (either japan or korea) when i graduate ! ^^

Anonymous said...

★ NAME: Reef, ‘d like to keep it this way
★ AGE: just say I’m working for years, there.
★ LOCATION: Phils.
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: Yoochunah coz he’s sensitive, has this appeal and a (mid-low) bedroom voice that kills me, Xiah’s next but he’s Micky’s exact complete opposite, still like him though coz he’s a Christian. He’s deep when he sings and he has this kick a__ dance moves. I couldn’t remember not loving him when he moves; in my country ChangMin’s handsome, (remember Summer Dream Offshoot?). JJ resembles this matured actor we have here, if you’ve seen him.
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: nah…not agree w/ pairing off these guys. I’d just like to think YooSu’s close coz they’re always next to each other and having the best time of their lives (well, all 5 of them actually). Don’t want to comment on other ‘famous’ pairs.
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: I stick w/ these guys, all of their songs dig me (& they look global to me, loved their perf in budokan - that one's a summit!)
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): tvxq. They always complete me at the end of the day. Also gone crazy w/ lee junki
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: ‘twas difficult for me to comprehend these guys at first, w/ 2 diff languages but they’re the reason I started reading, and eager to learn hangul, nihonGo (i just don’t copy/paste their songs), to understand them more. I couldn’t thank you enough for all the images, lyrics and mp3s you’ve shared in this site, esp Micky’s, Xiah’s (you’re not selfish). I’d appreciate more if you’ll teach me how to get thru MU. All of these are just for personal collection. Best of everything to DBSKer!

DBSKer said...

Reef, could u please email me about ur problem? I'm sorry if I took long to get to u. I cant find your email address. Do contact me ya? And I'll see what I can do to help you with downloading from MU.

Fern! Hope you don't mind me calling u that. You're from KL? WOOT! Small world.. hehe..

Haha.. All this while you're my hero and I didnt know you were 22. Well, technically I forgot that I just turned 23 this year. So yeah.. I'm still older.. T_T

Everyone else, HI! Nice to know my readers.. Hope to see you all commenting more in the future! ^_^

amnesiac said...

★ NAME:amni
★ AGE:17 =) younger than u! should i call u "kakak" heheh
★ LOCATION:johor, malaysia (i just knew u r from kl. tot u are from other country lol)
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: i dont like the couple stuff
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: lynn! do u have frenster or myspace?? im kinda excited knowing dat u r malaysian too! hahah

gluzen said...

★ NAME:Gluzen
★ AGE:16 (four years younger than Xiah)
★ LOCATION:Toronto,but I'm Filipino
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: Junsu, with Yoochun and Jaejoong right behind
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE:I name all of my DBSK pictures, so like I have a yoosu24, and jaesu05.. so I'm not really sure. I like the TRIPLET of JaeJunChun.. thats my fav triplet XD
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: DBSK, pictures of DBSK, korean phrasebook, korean dictionary, malling for DBSK merch =), K-DRAMAS!! I watched Air City only because DBSK sang the theme song Hardudal and Micky sang "All in Vain" (which is pretty cool)
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): Right now, K-DRAMAS.. and DBSK... urgh. and getting good grades at school =P
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: lynn you're too awesome. Thanks for this site. TVXQ HWAITING! kamsahamneeda! <-- i learned that!

Anonymous said...

★ NAME: Rai
★ AGE: 25 (so Lynn, stop nagging about your ages I’m the older now T_Tuuu)
★ LOCATION: Bali (I'm 100% balinese)
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: Jae Joong –shi, yunho, Max, Xiah, Micky (well all of them practically (=_=) *apologizes for my inconstancies*
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: YunJae (they seem to match it)
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: love Kdrama, Jdrama mostly the OST, love the DBSK banjun drama.
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): DBSK and their new Korean song
"Yeo Haeng Gi" I am playing it over and over again right now.
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: gambatte ne Lynn-san. And all the best for DBSK and their Asia tour. (I’m so jealous that they going to have a concert in Malay, you so lucky Lynn. * crying in the corner*)

Anonymous said...

★ NAME: Gaea
★ AGE: 13 (Sorry if this makes you feel old)
★ LOCATION: California, U.S., but I'm full Philippino
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: Jaeho / Yoosu (I can't pick between them)
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: Dong Bang Shin Ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SUJU!!!!! So Nyuh Shi Dae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SG Wannabe!!!!!!!! Big Bang!!!!!!!
Epik High!!!! Eru!!! Lee Hyori!! Sung Si Kyung!! Kim Jo Han!! Fly To The Sky!! Paran!! Tei!! Chae Yeon!! Lee Sung Gi!! Lee So Young!! Bi/Rain!! Kim Jong Kook!!! Kim Bum Soo!! Park Hyo Shin!! Lee Jun Ki!!!!!!!!!!!!! CSJH Grace!! Lee Jung Hyun!!! Go Younha!! SM Town!! H.O.T. FOREVER!!!!!!! Utada Hikaru!! Kato Kazuki!!! Saito Takumi!! Aoyogi Ruito!!! Kawaii Ryosuke!!! Kenta Kamakari!!!
Kim Jong Min!!! Shin Jung Hwan!!!
Choi Ji Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also like to dance....
(There's a lot more just to tell you)
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): It's pretty much DBSK.
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: Plenty, but I'm too lazy to type everything down.

Anonymous said...

★ NAME:Liah
★ AGE:23(teehehe... age aint nothing but a number.. )
★ LOCATION:Sunny Singapore
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER:U-Know Yunho.. gah he just oozes charm... swOOns
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE:Yunjae! the umma and appa of the band!
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: sky blue! pastel colours!
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): love in the ice by tohoshinki... d song is lovingly haunting
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: THANK U LYNN FOR ALL YOUR AHRD WORK..UR DEDICATION SMACKS AWESOME-NESS..who knows we'l get to mit during DBSK'S KL cconcert if time permits! woohoo!

JOey Ng said...

★ NAME:Joey..(real name is still Jo Ee)
★ AGE:18 in 2007!! you;re not old haha!!!
★ LOCATION:Menglembu..hometown in Kampar
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: JaeHo *Dangyunhaji* i think it means of course..
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: Korean drama..dunno...anything will do.. XP
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): obviously DBSK..i love YunHo!! aaAAHHH!!!
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: hope i can be friends with you Lynn..gosh your totally cool..!!! Hwaiting everyone!!! DBSK rulez!!

Anonymous said...

★ NAME: elise
★ AGE: 18
★ LOCATION: boston
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: jeong yunho
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: junsu's laugh, jaejoong's sexyness, changmin's hug days, micky's dedication to composing, etc.
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: *sigh* i really want to see them u_u

michelle said...

★ NAME:Michelle
★ AGE:12
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: DBSK.suju.SHINee.big bang.wonder girls.Boa.a little snsd.
★ ANYTHING ELSE?:Huge fan of kpop and jpop!

Hakimah said...

★ NAME:Hakimah
★ AGE:17
★ LOCATION:Malaysian
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER:Yunho, Jaejoong and Junsu
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE:Yoosu and Yunjae
★ ANYTHING ELSE?:I also love Changmin!! he's hot!!! He's my fav too! DBSK hwaitng!!!!!

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