Monday, September 03, 2007


Tohoshinki's 13th Japanese Single's Promotional Video is out. Features some slick dance moves somewhere after the middle part. Really cool! A MUST WATCH!!

Plus.. Click HERE to watch the MV for THE LEGEND theme song, "Thousand Year Love Song"

Credits: awakenedlove @ youtube



Anonymous said...

ok this is a must watch
i have watched this vid about20 times since i found it and i cant stop!!!
thank you for posting

Anonymous said...

this like the night version of Summer Dream *cough* apologize for my harsh comment.

but I must admit the dance is HAWT!!!

Thanks Lynn, you're the best


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is it me or JJ smiles a lot thiis days!thts great!(: BTW HOT HOT HOT dance(: nice song .fr me its a relly relly sweet song.suits them(:

Anonymous said...

well if u say its night version of summer dream.i think i'll nt arguing or anything (: but fr me summer dream is more likee hppy hppy cutee dances like tht i guess.and fr this MV its like very sweet and gentlemen like and their voice sounds angel-lic(: and the dances are so hotttt.u guys agree??i've watched this 24 and stilll watching hahha.TVXQ/DBSK frever!

RaiNcRaZe said...

at first after i downloaded it, i thought i can't watch it since it's protected and stuff. and windows media player have this open site/link thingy to get the publisher's permission to open the vid.and also since its a different format in a way, my windows media player needed to be upgraded and i was not connected to the internet that time(lazy..hehe:)so i leave it for a 2 days without actually putting an effort to open it even if i have a strong urge to watch it. after that i like upgraded my windows media player and the link that needed the publisher's permission was so easy to access.. silly me, i should have done this as soon as the video was downloaded!! hahaahha. long story... i knoe. but the conclusion is, the video is sooo hot and the cave and lighting effect is sooo cool. and i noticed this on top 'jj smiles more often now' well i nver thought that he doesn't smile that often until my friend told me a few days ago and now i saw that 'jj smiles more often now' i guess it's true den. haha

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