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I just decided to post this because I've been receiving emails and comments of people that are freaking out. So if it makes you feel better to vote, do vote. Honestly, I don't really believe much of this. I mean, come on.. (Kamo.. ^_^) DBSK is probably generating high amounts of revenue for SM Entertainment. I highly doubt that Lee Soo Man would wanna lose that.. So don't freak out. But lets' all just vote to stamp DBSK's mark as the best boyband ever. No offence to Suju fans. I adore Suju too.. ^_^


Okay, this NEWS IS SPREADING ALL OVER S KOREA. I've looked around TVfXQ Forever Forum JUST RECENTLY posted this by: ????ɱư?????ۋ? , and many other sites and articles have been saying this too. Plus, SM themself had said this earlier this year: 2007. Everyone know's that SM has that "5 year limit" on all their bands right (HOT, Shinwa being the more famous ones)? the 5 year curse as some can say? Well, DBSK debuted in 2004 as all u know,...2008 is the 5TH YEAR. Everyone must know or have some idea that SM is eyeing this topic right now. It is rumored that SM wants to claim Super Junior as their BEST group, so their not disbanding SuJu. So is it starting to clear a bit???

When u think about it, SM (LSM too i believe is also masterminding this) have done stuff to reduce DBSK:

1. DBSK is has not been in S Korea much anymore. Thus, SM is reducing their popularity and having a good reason to disband DBSK

2. Haven't many people realized that many variety shows these days in S Korea are promoting Super Junior as "the #1" or "the best" Korean boy band now and not saying "ONE OF THE BEST"??? [as a result reducing more of DBSK's popularity] SM DOES KNOW that Cassiopeia has a HUGE power over the music industry. I don't believe SM would just allow all these shows to just promote Super Junior like that without considering what Cassiopeia will do

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT: the BEST TIME to release new albums and songs in Asia AND in ANY PART OF THE WORLD would be always around August or the middle of the year. the reason: ALBUMS GET AWARDS AT THE HUGE AWARDS CEREMONIES/SHOWS that occur in November and December. When an album of an older band, like DBSK, promote some new album in January [the WORST day to promote and to release albums] NO AWARDS and RECOGNITION can be attached to the so not much of an album sale will happen. For "newcomers" January IS the best because the debut at this shows and will catch people's attentions, so debut CD sales in January will not fall but rise. Because SM is selling the 4th DBSK album in JANUARY of 2008, they are hoping that sales will drop as expected and have a better reason to disband DBSK

Why is Super Junior picked to replace DBSK??? What will happen to Super Junior from all this??? First off, SuJu is HERE TO STAY. According to articles and rumors, they ALL say that Super Junior is picked becuase of the CLOSE RELATIONSHIP DBSK has to them. SM is hoping to PREVENT the same events that occured during HOT's disbandment by hoping the close relationship DBSK and SuJu have will convince Cassiopeia members to buy SuJu singles and albums as a way to remember DBSK. As a result, SM will not loose any profit.

SM had taken the FIRST measures by CREATING AN ONLINE SURVEY/POLL. This poll is to see the difference in popularity betweent DBSK and Super Junior. Here is how it works. IF DBSK looses this poll, then next year will be their last year. IF DBSK wins by JUST A LITTLE BIT, then they STILL have to disband. THE ONLY WAY DBSK STAYS is IF they win over Super Junior by DOUBLE or TRIPLE Super Junior's vote count. In other words...DBSK HAS TO WIN BY A LOT FOR US TO TEMPORARILY PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DISBANDED. If Super Junior lost? They will not be disbanded. No rumors or news of that have been found by me on the internet at all and no rumor of SuJu disbanding if they lost is heard by my cousin.

Also, to prevent the excuse of DBSK sale's in their 4th album dropping so they must disband, we have to try and buy thier 4th album, released in January, to prove to SM [and not to mention --- > LSM] that we all love DBSK very much and would LOVE to see them stay longer. As a result, DBSK will have a chance to escape SM's 5 year limit.




credit to rainhero18 @ soompi + TVfXQ Forever Forum+mitsik




ladysu said...

Yup, know bout this rumour, but how much could we trust it?
By the way, Lynn, one of my forum closed this topic with the reason that TVXQ Forever Forum does not allow their translation to be brought out... Just thought to let you know, i'm not sure if it's true.
Let just hope that this is just a rumour and stay as a rumour. ^^;;

fions said...

hmm, but when i vote. i saw super junior's bar *i guess its the voting points?* getting more also. anyway, that's the button to vote right? i mean.. the cartoon bar?

DBSKer said...

Really? I'm surprised. I thought the forums translated it purely for the reason that they want more people to vote and support TVXQ. Oh well, if they come and complain, I'll take it off. In the meantime, hopefully we'll get more

I know what you mean. I experienced the same thing. Maybe the page refreshes showing other people that have voted at the same time, including your vote? I really have no idea.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Why do LSM have to do this?? If it's lyk tat,I would rather DBSK to change the entertainment after their contract...Bt,there is one thing,i tought that they had 7 yrs of contract with sm??weird...Bt LSM stil cnt do this jus bcos he wants to get mre profit....Tis is just wrong....

Anonymous said...

if i'm not mistaken, everytime i click, i get a vote. this is a good and bad thing.

good - we can vote for dbsk lotsa times and it wouldn't matter.
bad - uh, suju people can double up too.

ack, if only they'd give us dbsk fans a chance and stop voting.

Anonymous said...

somehow i have a feeling that a special formula was created behind the voting buttons that whenever the DBSK buttons are click, it also adds some points to the SuperJunior side. i calculate the difference b/t the points and the differences are getting closer and closer...do you all think this is possible? i wonder who made this voting site? but anyways, maybe it's just the fact that i want DBSK to get more points so badly that i have this weird idea in my head. i might be wrong. but i just hope that this rumor is not true...DBSK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm starting to lose hope.
me and my friend have decided that we're gonna turn emo if they disband.
nd we both hate SuJu now. well, she hated them in the beginning, and i'm saying that i didn't really like them and i don't wanna hate them cause it isn't their fault. it's SM's fault. Also if this doesn't work but their 4th album sells REALLY well, would they disband anyway? i don't want to disband. and for their sakes too; they all worked so hard and they're so close to each other. they're the closest brothers i have ever seen...i think.

DBSKer said...

Aww... Don't despair. And don't hate Suju. I'm pretty fond of them. They're a bunch of adorably cheeky guys. And this rivalry thing is just silly. In one of the SMTown clips, Leeteuk was so happy/shocked that DBSK even considered them as rivals. The friendship amongst the boys are great and I'm sure they wouldnt want us hating Suju just because of this. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well about this i'm not sure it's true or not but isn't it suspicious? Usually these type of voting stuff, we'll need to sign up and like usually one person can vote only once. This one, we can vote as many as we like. It's just weird~

I don't know everyone else but since I started to listen to kpop, it's hard for me to even like Suju.. Their cute and not much different from TVXQ but...how do I say this...It's hard for me to like them.. I do listen to their song 'WonderBoys'.. Well I gotta say that I quite like it but only without the PV.. I don't like it when I see them(SuJu) singing it..(I know it's weird~)

Anonymous said...

Relax. SM has already said that it's not true. ^^
This was posted on TVXQ's official Mypage, if I'm not wrong.


I believe many of you guys saw this bulletin, it is not true, I actually asked SM ENTERTAINMENT about this yesterday, they said they are NEVER going to disband TVXQ! so don't worry about it, and tell everyone else to clam down about this. Maybe that poll does have some effects, but I see people posting stuff like this everyday, and new polls start everyday. Everything is fine, TVXQ! already got their schedule for next year, so be ready for new stuff going on! ^^


[She is the owner of TVXQ official Myspace]

Anonymous said...

TQ,luv you jinjae!(:

RaiNcRaZe said...

love jinjae already (though i dunno her)!!! but thanks for confirming the stoopid disbanding rumours was not true. thank god!!can anyone give me the myspace tvxq official page's address?? please and thank you. i dunno how sm can make a profit out of suju alone..(which dey won't obviously!)
if lsm did this to TVXQ (which he won't.. confirmed) it will be the biggest mistake ever. well, now that i know this won't happen i'm really releived... but i still don't like suju.. hehe [no offence to suju fans] love TVXQ forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!! muaxx
P/S I'm also one of the biggest fan of Rain hehe

Anonymous said...

The Five in the Black can beat this "five year curse" any day!!


but jin jae,
next year will be the last year of their contract..
so its a of course that they will get their next year timetable now..
but what if LSM disband our TVXQ in year 2009?? arghhhh i am so worry!!!! my xiah junsu!!!! T.T

Cassy said...

They can always do what Shinhwa did and switch companies when their contract ends.

Millicent said...

no offense to sj fans, but i think DBSK is wayyy better. I can't handle a boyband with so many boys in it.

would be really sad if they get disbanded though.but i dun think that's happening.

Anonymous said...

I really want to vote for DBSK, but I can't vote in the country I'm in.
I'm sorry for not voting, but I hope everyone else will do their best to help them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just a rumour. Wouldn't everybody hate SM entertainment now? Do u guys REALLY believe that?? Unless their's real proof, like if SM entertainment or TVXQ says it themself, I won't believe in this rumour. After all, it's just a "rumour". Rumours are not real, they're just a guess!!! but i still voted for them.

Anonymous said...

about "JinJae, the owner of TVXQ official Myspace thing"..
juz wanna tell u guyz, as I know, TVXQ doesn't have any official of Myspace, Friendster, Tag or Hi5 or whatever thing it's!! Their Official site to communicate with their fans only IPLE..so, I dun believe about what she said..

about the poll, yup, it's weird lol..who made the poll?? as I know, the news is RUMOUR!! It's kind of stupid if SM want to disband the "profits" boys..so, I hope they'll stay FOREVER!!!

YunJi said...

This is still a rumor right? SM would be stupid if they disband TVXQ. Ok, let us match rumors with rumors. Shinhwa LEFT SM Ent. not because of the contract. They said SM Ent. wanted to renew Shinhwa's contract since they were really popular but Shinhwa wanted to move to a dfferent company. If TVXQ's term is about to end, then renew it?? Another thing about SM Ent. being stupid if they disband the group is that they may lose money from that. xD So yeah, there's still Super Junior. But fans would forever remember and would miss TVXQ if that happened.

Anonymous said...

hey,is that ok if u vote so many time??huhuhu...im so sad n feel bad for them...lets hope thats not true!=(

Anonymous said...

yea, i agree with what was stated earlier. the dbsk votes are slowly increasing and for every 1 vote there are 5 or so suju votes..o_O although i don't believe the rumor...still

Anonymous said...

hey.......wait maybe i'm missing something
but 2004-2008
thats....4 years....

Anonymous said...

Maybe SM is the one spreading this rumour just to make DBSK more famous as you know.. fans might just want to buy more stuff wateva of DBSK since it's their last year wateva.. I don't really care if they disband.. life goes on -.-

Anonymous said...

2004-2008 is 5 years.. 2004 is a year all by itself.

Anonymous said...

heck no!~
dont disband them!.
without uknow, jaejoong, micky junsu, and changmin there will be no dbsk.
no one can replace dbsk.same goes to shinhwa.(kinda remember the incident that happened to shinhwa).
i dont want them to be disband
.heck no..if they really leave sm i hope that they will be together as dbsk forever! not as individual.. just lyke shinhwa and ftts!.
i hope sm has a lil bit more brain so that he can see that dbsk's fans are not stupid.i know that suju are closed to dbsk and i lyke suju as well but IF sm DISBAND DBSK..seriously HE IS SO FUCKING STUUUPID..CUZ SOME OF THE FOREIGN FANS lyke me THAT DUNNO KOREAN MUSIC STARTED TO LYKE KOREAN MUSIC BECAUSE OF THE GROUPS-[ H.O.T, SHINHWA,FLY TO THE SKY] THAT THEY ALREADY DISBAND.SO..IF HE WILL GONNA DISBAND DBSK ALSO..IF IS SOOO FUCKING STUPID!And to me.. i knew korean music because of dbsk,shinhwa and ftts..not to forget h.o.t and Rain..

hihih =.="
sorry..i just kinda pissed off cuz most of my fav group already disband by SM. and i just carried away with my emotions.


Anonymous said...

if sm let or make dbsk disband it will be their biggest mistake ever; and they'll regret it.

AVR said...

grrr...ok...i hope that this rumor will stay as a rumor.but if it is proved to be true,then i will so hate SM...please help me vote.i'm kinda new at this thing,but i so love DBSK. how do you vote??i love suju,but DBSK is the reason why i know them and really,if they ever disband DBSK,it will be their worst mistake ever...

kiat kiat said...

wow.. i hope it is only rumor after all.. my fren even went crazy and said going to kill LSM.. haha.. hope she is kidding too~~
If disbanding DBSK will lead to another bad effect on SuJu, pls.. dont hate SuJu too.. it is not fair to them.. it is all SM Entertainment's marketing strategy..

Anonymous said...

hey, this is nOt related with suju..all of u hve tO blame LSM..he's the fucking idiOt!!! nO brain!!!i love suju and alsO tvxq tOo..they want tO sue SOOMAN bcOs he's toO greedy..he make all of his artist wOrk like mechine..IDIOT!! please dont blame suju bcOs of this,,im pretty sure tvxq dOesnt hate them...they are best friends...ohkie guys??

just wait what tvxq will do tO LEE SOO MAN...

Anonymous said...


Royal Princess said...

you said tvxq wont split but they already did. I really disappointed.

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