Friday, September 07, 2007

Korean Digital Single

This is supposed to be the new digital single by DBSK. Its really nice.. Have a listen.. I miss their Korean works.. ^_^

Download Link] MF Link ^_^

credits; Soompi Thread+Esmiux;+AmorFati

And.. A supporting article

Popular group DBSK unreleased digital single "Yeo Haeng Gi" (literally Travel Book/Log?) is revealed on the 7th [of September].

"Yeo Haeng Gi" is a ballad showcasing DBSK's perfect harmonization that they had completed recording in April and is a song that they haven't yet released to the public before. The website revealing "Yeo Haeng Gi" will also unfold a series of related activities and events [revolving around this new release] from the 7th thru the 27th of this month. It is foreseen to receive a highly enthusiastic response from fans.

Those who download "Yeo Haeng Gi" [and participate in the activities] have a chance to obtain a copy of a CD autographed by DBSK, and those who invite friends to participate can also have a chance to receive a free mp3 player or other gifts. In addition, all those who participate in these events can set "Yeo Haeng Gi" as the background music on their own personal IPLE home page without charge.

Translated by Ailin* @Soompi
Source: Sina



Anonymous said...

yeah, miss the "hanguk" tunes soooo much! wonder when's the newbie album coming out, *v* ~wish,wish,wish...
btw, can't dwnlOd this newbie, 4shared says it's illegal :[ Reef64

gluzen said...
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Juliana said...

OMG THANKS SO MUCHIE!!!!! Ahhhh! Their myspace says that their new album is coming out January 2008...FYI, you know?

Anonymous said...

their myspace??? whose myspace??

Anonymous said...

surely, U'r not that interested, huh! :) cute. come on, let's all browse myspace! yeah! even if it'd hurt our fingers. kidding(i meant the fingers)!

Anonymous said...

heys how do we try and win the autograph cd? wat site?...i have iple and want the song for free on my site^^


Anonymous said...

how do you download it on megaupload?

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