Sunday, September 02, 2007

Iple Messages

Just some cute little messages from DBSK to Cassiopeia.
(P/s: What about non-Cassiopeian fans, huh? We love you just as much! Don't forget us!)

Jaejoong's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Hello! I'm Youngwoong JaeJoong.
What is Cassiopeia doing? Are you all sleeping? ^^

Since it's hot and it's hard to sleep, I'm going to leave some slight traces (that he was there) and leave.
I almost forgot about this picture while I was uploading it.
The memories at Bora Bora, where I want to go once again.

I forgot the name, but the memories of the delicious food,
and it being so blue, that I couldn't make a distinction between the heavens and the earth.

Okay, now let's go to sleep!! Bye!

Yunho's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Are you all doing well in this hot weather?
The sun's strength and the falling rain,
It's made me realize that this is really summer.
But I also wonder how Cassiopeia is doing...
When I have free time and feel slightly curious,
I moniter (the IPLE site).
What are you guys doing?^^

When you watch the Hi ya ya music video,
you want to splash into the blue waves, right?
I don't know if it's because it's so hot,
but it's a night where I'm vividly remembering the music video shoot.
Shall we listen to it together? ^^

There might be some of you who get tired due to the hot weather,
so let's shout a 'fighting' together and pull through it...everyone.
At this very moment, I want to say these words:
"Our Cassiopeia~ Fighting!!"

Junsu's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Hello. It's Xiah.
The weather is very hot, so I couldn't sleep. I was just laying around,
when I saw Yunho and Jaejoong hyung monitering in the living room.
I thought it was something funny,
but they were going on their IPLE's and uploading pictures
while looking at the replies you all put up.
It looked really fun...
So after watching my hyungs upload pictures,
I decided to upload an unrevealed picture.

Ah~ Just thinking about it,
It was a really fun time at Bora Bora.
The moment I took this picture,
I had a delicious fruit in my mouth! Ke.
The refreshing ocean breeze,
I still remember it in my mind.

As we watch the music video together,
listening to the music, shall we draw some refreshing waves?
I think that way I can fall asleep quickly...!

Sleep well...all of Cassiopeia!

Micky's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Hey, yo! Cassiopeia!! What's up~!!

One time, shall we go on a night trip together?!
This is how Micky and Cassiopeia become one, right?

When I look at myself in that picture,
I want to leave on vacation...Ke
If you all went on a cool vacation, tell me!!

I still think the summer in Bora Bora was the best,
but I'll still go to the vacation spots Cassiopeia suggests.
If I go there myself, won't I feel something new? Ke.

If I could leave for vacation with a happy mind and someone I connect with,
there couldn't be anything better, right?
When will I be able to Tomorrow? When? Keke.

I, Micky,
I've signed on to see signs of Cassiopeia.
Even though I can't post pictures often,
I still log on every night.

Even though I'm not in Korea,
The place we are is here, my space.
That's why we're one.

Changmin's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

This was such a happy time with everyone.
I was wondering what my hyungs were doing, and they were concentrated on uploading pictures!
They were staring holes in the computer. It was quite -;
It's late, and I, the youngest, should tell my hyungs to sleep.
It's almost 4:00 A.M. Wow.

Before this summer ends,
Cassiopeia should make memories with their parents and close friends.
Even though school will start soon,
on the weekend, go out and watch the scenery,
or travel a bit further and feel the ocean. Wouldn't that be nice?

While looking at the picture I posted, plan some summer memories.
What to do to make it good, and how to do it.
Sleep well, Cassiopeia.
The youngest is going to sleep.



fions said...

piff, why everywhere is Cassiopeian :(? what about the others T.T ?!

T.T !!
but look they really have fun . but.. what is Ke? lolx

*julianna said...

"One time, shall we go on a night trip together?!
This is how Micky and Cassiopeia become one, right?"

LOL Yoochunnie... that sounds so wrong... ><;

This is such a cute blog!! Thank you Lynn!!!!!! Keep it up =D I bet loads of people are reading the blogs but are just too lazy to leave comments, lol xD

Anonymous said...

AWWW these are so cute! They really appreciate their fans :D

kathleen said...

thanks so much! they are so adorable! :o)
where can i go to leave a comment for the guys to read???

Anonymous said...

AWWW,their so kind and caring!(: btw i heard DBSK will get disbanded??reply A.S.A.P!

fions said...

reply to anonymous..

nah, i dont think they will disband,since they are so famous now. SM company wont even let them had a chance to disband :)

Lina said...

well...anonymous..they are NOT disbanding. It's just a rumor bcoz of some 5 yr SM-boy group curse. It happened to so many groups under SM and after 5 yrs, apparently it's gonna happen to DBSK which the guys assure that it's NOT true! can be relieved now.

As for the Cassiopeia thingy..well..I guess they miss Korea a lot coz it seems like they're a Japanese band rather than a Korean band. This further strengthens the disbanding rumors.btw, it's NOT true that they're breaking up! We are Cassiopeias ourselves..only from different countries..>.<

Anonymous said...

oh TQ(: i really appriciate it. i think ur right;p cassiopeia wont let them be alive if they disband them;p ahahhaha.joking;p btw TQ!(: ILY!(:

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