Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DBSK/Tohoshinki are Top-Searched Male Artists in Japan

@nifty (nifty.co.jp) one of the leading search sites in Japan, released their list of Top-Searched Male Artists for 2008.

著名人男性 トップ10
  1位 嵐 (Arashi)
  2位 上地雄輔 (Yuusuke Kamiji)
  3位 EXILE
  4位 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)
  5位 コブクロ (Kobukuro)
  6位 山田涼介 (Ryosuke Yamada)
  7位 佐藤健 (Takeru Sato)
  8位 小栗旬 (Oguri Shun)
  9位 ポルノグラフィティ (Porno Graffiti)
 10位 福山雅治 (Fukuyama Masaharu)

Source: Nifty 2008 Ranking

DBSK/Tohoshinki are fourth on the top-10 all year list. Seems like alot of people have shown interest in checking out the group this year, a significant feat in accomplishing this much exposure in the market. They were also 2nd most searched in blogs.


Belinda said...

DBSK is amazing, lolz, i would consider my self on of those people constantly searching about dbsk xD thx for posting!

^.^ Angie ^.^ said...

DBSk fighthing! They're gonna be the next big thing on earth! >.<

Anonymous said...

Yaya! 2 of my fave boybands are at the top of the list! (Arashi and DBSK)
DBSK figthing!

MyLove said...

Omo~Arashi got the first place??
Hmm.seems they are popular band too..i tried listening some of their song but i dun like it..Anyone can recommend me their best song.thanks ^^

Bita said...


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