Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[NEWS] Japanese Newspaper "Yomiuri" Sells Out After Printing TVXQ Special

"TVXQ's popularity in Japan is not to be blocked"

Japan's daily newspaper "Yomiuri" printed a special interview with TVXQ and ended up selling out extremely quickly. This has become much talked about.

In their Pop Style Section on the 17th, "Yomiuri" had 'Facing the World, Five Not-So-Ordinary People' as their topic, and used two spreads to report on TVXQ's story before debut and their success story in Japan.

TVXQ's fans even called to order in order to get their hands on this issue of the newspaper. Because of the high demand, they started becoming out-of-stock, a miraculous sight.

On the 18th, through a member of their forum, "Yomiuri" announced the good reception and sales of their issue with TVXQ on the 17th. Those involved with this issue, through the member of the forum, said, "Readers, we thank you for all the orders for our issue with TVXQ's special on the 17th. Our company wishes to have enough copies to satisfy everyone's orders, but as of now we are out of stock. Please forgive us for not being able to satisfy everyone's orders."

A newspaper selling out because of the printing of a Top Star interview, no matter which country it happens in, is a first in history.

4 time Oricon Weekly number one spot winner TVXQ will perform for their first time at NHK's Red/White Concert on the 31st. Also, they will also appear on the TBS New Year's Special Music program "CDTV SP Premiere Live" to be broadcasted on the same day. Now, we can really feel their high popularity.

Translation: jae!fany@ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net}
Source: XiahKing + Mr. TVXQ + AsianFanatics
Yomiuri's Blog Post: http://blog.yomiuri.co.jp/popstyle/2008/12/post-ad3f.html#more

DBSKer Note: Yomiuri is one of the 5 national newspapers (not a magazine) sold in Japan. They did a segment in POPSTYLE called "All About TVXQ", which explores how far the boys have come from their early days. No wonder it was sold out ^^; All the fans must have dived to save a clipping of the newspaper for themselves.


Lili said...

i hope their popularity in japan continues like this, and that they'll find similar successes in other countries in the coming year!

Belinda said...

OMG O_O wow, goo dbsk fans! lolz, i want my issue too!!

Michael K. Hoskins said...

Wow! Good job newspaper and awesome job DBSK! I wish I had an issue myself. Well, I can't wait to see them in the USA someday. (not just at a Korean festival in LA, actually a concert just for them.^^) lol. They need to go worldwide. Be the first Band to sing in a bunch of languages! well, ganbatte DBSK!

ndhaa said...

to all magazine/newspaper directors.. if you want to sell many copies, do something with DBSK :D

ayachan said...

this is great! XD I feel proud of them. DBSK, fighting! I'll definitely watch Kouhaku Utagassen~! XD

Anonymous said...

they made history again (: Way to go DBSK!!!

right now, even our local korean station is playing 'holding back the tears' by them (: i love it totally !


christina said...

all i can say is WOW !~ DBSK's popularity sure can't be doubt ! (: hope to see them creating more 'first time in history' =DD

Anonymous said...

yaay~~~ so PROUD of them...
hwaitting!! dong bang shin ki..
saranghaeyo... <333

Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious!
Newspaper sold out? A newspapers?!
That's great!

People even called in! ROTFL!

The power of the bos can not be denied!

TVXQ Hwaiting!

Christine said...

can you put up a translation of said article? im curious :3

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