Friday, December 19, 2008

[TRAILER] "Subaru" Movie feat. Bolero as Theme Song

Released 12/18/08 HQ Trailer:

[I ripped the video and the trailer is up for DOWNLOAD in the Videos section!]

This is just a short trailer featured on the newly launched website for the movie "Subaru" set to be released on March 20th, 2009. You can see in HQ on the official website here.

And its not your eyes tricking you. Surprisingly, the trailer shows the cameo appearance Tohoshinki/DBSK in the movie in this first short trailer (rather than the other actors starring in the movie). Seems like the producers know how to atleast hook the DBSK fans early on and not ignore the band's following.

With the great interest generated towards the movie through the release of the preview of "Bolero" on the internet and BigEast station, it is likely the producers noticed a surge of traffic coming to check out the website to learn more about the movie from many different countries. It seems they launched a make shift website to avail this opportunity to do some promotion. DBSK's international fans, Cassiopeia, and BigEast are the ones most aware about the movie right now and it's a smart move to cater to these international fans, since Subaru is planned to be released in other parts of Asia and Western countries as well.

By the way, DBSK will only be doing a short performance in the movie during a scene at a bar, no talking parts.


Belinda said...

OMG!!!! so excited! thanks soo much! it looks great, whoo! dbsk is in there too! changmin looks good! =D thanks!!!

Lea said...

wow!warner bros is a big and outstanding production!.yep,im cassie and Im really alert abt this movie.make me feel stressed!!Subaru~Cant wait!

ndhaa said...

ahaha the producer is clever.. he let DBSK starring on the movie so the fans are interested to watch it :D

Jennifer said...

yea i was thinking that too.. they put dbsk in it so that fans would watch this movie. lol. good PR.. lol

Anonymous said...

The director IS clever about using DBSK for that movie, hahaa. & it works ! I'm sooooo gonna watch it !

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