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[Info] Mirotic Deemed Inappropriate For Youths

After judging that Rain’s Rainism was harmful and detrimental to youths last week, the Commission of Youth Protection has acted again by labelling DBSK’s Mirotic, Solbi’s Do It Do It, etc in the same category as Rainism. This has created an uproar once again in Korea which takes effect this week.

According to sources, the Commission of Youth Protection usually examines around 100 songs every month to see if they are harmful or detrimental to youths in Korea. But this is the first time that their scope is targeted specifically towards popular mainstream singers in Korea right now. In the last month, among the 110 songs that they have examined, 32 of them were Korean songs which was a new record in recent years. The reason for banning Mirotic was the same as Rainism in that part of the lyrics were inappropriate.

The ruling will come into effect from 4th December with the song being banned from playing on tv or radio before 10pm. The Mirotic album will have stickers affixed to them that indicates “unsuitable for people under 19 years old”. The song lyrics will have to be modified if they are going to perform this during concerts or events. Action will be taken if any of the above are flouted.

Although affected singers and their companies have expressed that they will adhere to the ruling, they can’t fathom the reasoning behind the ban.

Industry critics feel that this will only heap more misery on the already suffering music industry. And one wonders if the “19-only” stickers restricting the sale of affected albums will actually have any effect. DBSK for example are already done with promoting Mirotic and are actually in the midst of promoting their follow-up song Wrong Number. With album sales already exceeding 300,000, it also means that most of their fans have already gotten the album already.

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^.^ Angie ^.^ said...

Who cares, lyrics harm people?
Not for fast songs to me.
Still gonna biuy their album even thouh I'm underage.
I'll keep on supprting them. d:

Anonymous said...

i can onli sae this is dumb. like XTRA XTRA dumb. wth with all these rules? However i dun believe dbsk will be affected by it. the fans will get around it for sure!!!

Dont be discouraged DBSK!!!


Anonymous said...

It's seriously the most absurd thing I've ever heard.
The people judging 'Mirotic' as inappropriate need check for mental problem.
I bet, they have those kind of ideas about children's songs as well.

Michael K. Hoskins said...

Okay, this is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. That commission or whatever is something that just needs to be dealt with so we can save the music industry. Thankfully DBSK will not be affected because they are already done with promotion for the song. This commission sounds very similar to the stupid group who keeps giving the video game industry a hard time. I am sick of all these commissions and groups trying to protect the youth of their countries. I am sorry to say, but these commissions do not really do anything. The children and the "youth" will go ahead and still buy these things. They can always find it online anyway. I am just glad DBSK is safe. We have already seen great performances and we can just move onwards and see them do their wonders as they always do!^^

sweetkimchi said...

This is so retarded. under 19 or not, they are still gonna buy their albums. There's no stopping the fans from doing what they desire to do. You can't put them in jail for buying something that's physically harmless to them! So stupid. It won't affect our boys anyways since they finished with their promos for Mirotic. Moving on to Wrong Number...geez, i hope those commission ppl don't come up with stupid rules about this song too..dumb, i tell ya! DUMB!

FIghting DBSK!

Kira said...

Sigh as dumb as this is, it will be a problem in the future, they can't perform it in concerts unless the lyrics are changed...

It will never be the same song again. But then again I sure the new version, if they make one, will be just as good, but i totally agree that it will just kill the music industry even more then it is.

Buy online lol they can't do anything about that.

BelindalubsDBSK! said...

That is ridiculous, mirotic is not even close to being inappropriate! There's nothing about sex or half naked women in there! DBSK worked so hard for this album and now one of their number hits is going to be banned, whatever, I'm supporting them no matter what, and there's no stopping DBSK! =D fighting DBSK!

Lyss said...

I don't really understand what's so dirty about Mirotic...have they listened to most American music and stuff?? Are they talking inappropriately about women and doing certain acts?? No. It's a sexy song, but it's not THAT bad to be banned. Those people are messed up in their heads if all they could think about is dirty references and innuendos in that song. They should think outside of the box.

"What is love? It's now the red ocean"

Red ocean = Umm..maybe CASSIOPEIA?? You know..the oceans of fans at their concerts and stuff?

Those people need help. And LIVES.
Seriously...they won't go ANYWHERE with this.


Leti said...

This ban is absolutely ridiculous, yeah people are going to find it somewhere else.
And honestly, what's the point? Obviously no one saw an issue with the song while it was being promoted EVERYWHERE! Ror their argument to hold any sort of credibility it should have been examined from the beggining (not that there is even anything wrong with the lyrics, honestly there are way worst things being put on the radio)
But you know these things have always have a way of back firing. Don't worry DBSK if anything this will only make your fans become even more infatuated with you. You guys are absolutely amazing and don't let them get you down.

Christine said...

^hear hear
really, nobody really obeys this type of crap. its only for bureaucrats to have something to do all day, viz make other people miserable

^.^ Angie ^.^ said...

Haha.. I got a thought now.. since they deemed DBSK for their sexy appeal.. they'll continue to do the cute songs! :D

KiN ^^ said...

o.o WTF!
omg that's so silly... though i gotta say i felt reliefed in a really ironial way when i read the last parragraf lol... i felt like... HA! in YOUR face! *pointing at them* we already won!

they really chose bad lol... it's not like sales are gona go down.

though it kinda depresses me to have to hear them later on in concert singing some other song lyric. that really sucks. i totally adore the songs as they are.

there should be a fan protest all over... that'd be so awesome xD

Lili said...

um... lol? too bad for the commission that they chose to ban it only after tvxq had stopped promoting the song (and after 300,000+ copies of the album were sold), so the ban won't have much effect on cassies, anyway.

i didn't see anything sexual in the lyrics. seriously. it takes creativity to come up with some of the explanations for the lyrics.

mandyyy said...

I find this extremely funny. Cassiopeia are gonna freakin kill them. HA! I love it. I think they would all have heart attacks if they had to screen American music. DBSK has done nothing but brought world recognition to SKr and this is how they thank them?

If they don't like the music then they should just take themselves back to North Korea and they won't have to worry about it.

Anyways, this whole thing is stupid and it won't effect out boys one bit. I just feel bad then they are having their name dragged through the mud because someone is jealous they SM rejected their untalented asses!

Anonymous said...

whoa. are you kidding me. if you call DBSK, 'Mirotic' inappropriate, you might as well just ban most of the American pop as well. geeez.

Anonymous said...

Actually this might work in their favor...because the more you tell people not to do things the more they want to. SO more people will buy the album!!

Kira said...

Just wondering the Commission of Youth Protection that is making a fuss about mirotic is S.Korea right?

SO they deemed mirotic inappropriate for under 19 and can't be performed unless lyrics change BUT
that really doesn't apply oversea right?

Cuz I'm sure people oversea, careless as long as it's good music and gov't over there can't control here or Japan and other SE Asia areas. So we still might be able to hear the original Mirotic live right? Just not in S.Korea.....

Just something that came to mind.

Anonymous said...

this sucks!
LOL, who cares tho..i didnt even know what the lyrics actually meant before this. i dont care about the lyrics.. >_<

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