Friday, December 12, 2008

"Bolero" Confirmed as OST for "Subaru" Movie - New MV Preview

DBSK's new single Bolero has been confirmed to be the OST for Subaru, a Japanese movie based on a hit manga about a ballerina by Masahito Soda.

The movie is being produced by Warner Bros. Japan and it has an impressive and a very diverse set of stars and production crew from Japan, Korea and China. Led by Hong Kong director Chi-Ngai Lee and producer Bill Kong, popular Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki plays the female lead ballerina and and Korean actress Go Ara (also under SM Entertainment, featured in HUG MV for DBSK in the past) plays her rival. These two gorgeous hazel-eyed actresses are sure to make this movie a hit! But aside a great cast, the story itself is very psychological in nature and beautiful at the same time (the feelings in the song Bolero portray this perfectly). Click here to find out more about the song lyrics & movie.

They plan to release this movie simultaneously in 2009 throughout Asia, and are also hoping for releases in Europe and America. We hope that "Bolero" will enhance the story to the audiences and more people will get a chance to appreciate Tohoshinki's talent. DBSK will also be making a cameo appearance in the movie, but no speaking lines just performing.

And it gets better! The preview of the MV has been released (with scenes from the movie).

Thanks to Aya for the tip!

To hear the long version of the new song, set to be released in January 21st, go here: "Bolero" is a Spanish word for is a spanish rithym reinvented in latin american countries such as Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba. The word comes from "volero", from the verb "volar" which means to fly.

Subaru Official Website:
Starring: Kuroki Meisa , Go Ara, Hiraoka Yuta, Miku Sano

TVXQ to appear in, sing for "Subaru"

Korean group TVXQ will be making their big screen debut in an upcoming movie based on a Japanese manga. Adapted from Masahito Soda's ballet-themed "Subaru," the film was first announced in November 2007 with Meisa Kuroki as the star.

The members of TVXQ will appear in one scene in which Kuroki's character visits a bar. They are said to have no speaking lines, but will perform on a stage during the scene. In addition, their song "Bolero" will be used as the movie's theme.

The movie, produced by Bill Kong and directed by Hong Kong's Chi-Ngai Lee, opens on March 20. "Bolero" will go on sale in January, before the movie's premiere.

Source: Nikkan Sports
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