Thursday, December 11, 2008

And....DBSK Wins at Golden Disk Awards 2008!

Super vocal and dance group TVXQ wins BIG at the Golden Disk Awards 2008. They swept up three major awards last night, including the highest esteemed award -- the Daesang. They also won the Bonsang (the next best award) for their highest selling album in Korea, MIROTIC, as well as the Popularity Award (with Guinness record for the largest fanclub in the world, it would be strange if they weren't granted this one).

Congratulations boys!

YEPP Daesang Album: DBSK / TVXQ

YEPP Daesang Digital: Jewelry

Bonsang Disk: Rain (Bi), Kim Dong Ryul, Shinhwa, Brown Eyed Girls, DBSK / TVXQ

Bonsang Digital: Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Jewelry, MC Mong

Best Producer: Lee Soo Man

YEPP Newcomer Album: SHINee

YEPP Newcomer Digital: DaVichi

YEPP Popularity Award: FT Island, Son Ho Young, TVXQ / DBSK, Taeyeon of SNSD

[VIDEO] Daesang Album Award (English Subbed --> click on the little arrow in the video on right and choose "CC")

[VIDEO] Bonsang Album Award

[VIDEO] YEPP Inkisang (Popularity Award)


achs said...

they dont seem to be really happy gettingt the prizes.. or shoould i say their arent really smiling. =( maybe it's due to the recent events that happened like the under 19 sticker that made them worry.. and why is jaejoong wearing that furry thing on him.. it looks kinda weird.

Michael Kyle Hoskins said...

Well, they have been getting a lot of awards lately, haven't they? Maybe that could be another reason. I agree with the age ban thing too. That would really dampen your spirits. Well, congrats DBSK. Hope you boys go on to win more and become even better than you are now. Fighting!^^

Luffa said...

Hmmm I don't think they are any less happy, they are more solemn towards their victory. They understand it was never a given...if you hear their speech after recieving the reward (its subbed) you will understand the reason behind their serious faces...

They realize that these awards cannot be taken for granted (thats why I like DBSK, because they are so grounded) -- they are trying to express the fact that they didn't recieve this by accident or by luck. Its due to alot of hard work that went into the album by not just them but by numerous people ... and that they appreciate this award and the significance behind it (that it was a product of all that hard work).

btw, when they mention the hard times Korean music industry is facing, they are talking about the lack of sale overall. Albums used to sell into the millions before in Korea.

Ezra said...

DBSK, I am so happy that you won Golden Disk Awards Daesang. :] The MC was so right; it's the Grammy's of Korea.

DBSK, so much hard work was put in your album, we fans really felt it. THANK YOU DBSK for your hard work, we fans too will continue to support you. :]


Belinda said...

I'm so proud of them,their hard work has paid off once again. They may not look happy to some people, but in their hearts, they're screaming with joy. I love their music and i hope they continue to win even more awards plus making more albums in the future! =D goo DBSK congrats & fighting! we LOVE U!=]

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