Monday, December 01, 2008

DBSK's HAHAHA Song - All 5 Members! (ENG SUB)

From mickytoho (uploader + translator):
So, finally! The mystery is no more! The NoKy Brothers HAHAHA Song is part of Samsung's campaign for spreading encouragement - to share laughs & smiles - during these hard times.
So its not a commercial, but a public msg campaign.^^ Very unexpected hahaha! How interesting!^^
I think the message is "when going gets tough, tough gets going! so cheer up!"^^
The NoKy Brothers and DBSK did make me (and all of the viewers) laugh and smile, and made my day, so the campaign has already worked!!!^^

DBSK is so cute!

- from

The original song is by Jaurim


Belinda said...

omg, this totally made me smile and laugh my head off, dbsk is heckka funny & cool! =D

Anonymous said...

They're so funny!
I love how Yunho gags around like a little boy. <3

Anonymous said...

owh yunho oppa~

han beon do..

kaka..that's OUR TVXQ!

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