Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tohoshinki Bolero MV 1:03 Preview Released, ready for the charts!

credit: kenoa93

Check out the classy soft theme in the new MV for the single "Bolero", set to be the OST for the Japanese movie "Subaru". The song is already setting many hearts a flutter with Tohoshinki's beautiful harmonization and soothing vocals. It has already ranked #5 on A-Channel, weeks before its official release or even its official MV.

081225 "Bolero" Ranked #5 - A-Channel

With high fan anticipation, movie tie-in, and Kohaku exposure, will Bolero be Tohoshinki's biggest hit for 2009?


BELINDA said...

WOW love the vid! =] thx so much for posting, shoot BOLERO should be a hit, i love it, who wouldnt?! =D

ndhaa said...

well it's still the beginning of 2009.. who knows maybe they'll release even greater songs more :)

Lili said...

ahh so cool!
i really can't wait for the single to be released ^^
and who knows? maybe bolero will be the start of an explosion of toho popularity in japan :P

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