Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[PREVIEW] New Japanese Single! - Bolero (Release 01/21/2009)

Credit: BrittanyERROR

Listen in a little better quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNBDpCvnlD4&fmt=18

This was performed during their MUSIC JAPAN show special. What do you guys think? Initial thoughts before hearing the good quality full version?

A interesting tid bit, "Bolero" is actually a Spanish word! (Coincidence or does this mean DBSK is acknowledging their Spanish fan base? D: Who knows, but its exciting nonetheless!) Though its not confirmed if the preview song in particular is Bolero -- it might be 忘れないで, the other track in the single.

Its very melancholy and epic-like, totally PERFECT for a movie or a heart wrenching drama ;__; Avex and SM Ent know what they're doing after all - its perfect timing and change of taste after their 2 month promotion of dance songs such as Mirotic and Wrong Number. I was wondering why they weren't performing their other slow songs from the album - it might be due to their Japanese activities, to keep people waiting for their ballads. Not only that, during the winter/christmas season in Japan, its customary for most artists to release melodic or sad songs to fit the season/feeling. (Which is why when DBSK previously released Doushite during the summer, it was shocking to some because it was a great song for an artist to save up for their winter single release).

I am sure this song will give the other artists the run for their money ^^ Can't wait for the MV!

For pre-order information, go here.


Lily said...

lovin it!! Can't wait... :D

Belinda said...

it sounds awesome! cant wait! =D

Ruby said...

sounds great! I heard it was going to be 6 mins long. They always come out with such good choices for singles. :)

shiiri said...

i myself think it'll do great as an anime ost...since most great anime hav great songs like this...i this this is wasurenaide..."don't forget"...
if u listen, they did mention wasurenaide in the lyrics..
lets keep guessing..its part of the fun

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