Sunday, December 07, 2008

DBSK is Facing Another Dilemma - May not be attending the 3 big K-award shows

Will Dong Bang Shin Gi be able to participate in the year-end awards in Korea?

This year Dong Bang Shin Gi released their 4th album ‘MIROTIC’ in September with 500, 000 in album sales proving their influence as Korea’s top idol group however their participation in the year-end ceremonies will be affected due to activities in Japan.

On the 4th, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s label, SM Entertainment told Newsen that the group “will have to leave to participate in a Japanese broadcast on the 30th to the 31st” and that they’re “currently discussing a plan for activities in Korea.”

Like every year, Korea’s top 3 year end music festivals are planned to be held 29th for SBS, 30th for KBS and MBC on the 31st. The celebrations held on the 30th and 31st are proving to be a difficult situation.

The reason that attendance at the year-end festivals is proving to be difficult is because Japan is calling the boys back. Dong Bang Shin Gi is among the list of attendees at the biggest event in Japan’s music industry, the NHK Red & White Year-End Festival. The event will hold a significant meaning to the group since it’ll be their first time attending.

Dong Bang Shin Gi will also be attending the Japan Record Awards on the 30th as prize winners.

Source: Newsen


Belinda said...

well, either way I'm rooting for them, go DBSK fighting! It's cool to know that Japan loves them, Korea loves them, WE love them, besides they deserve those awards, so why not go and get it? DBSK fighting! =D

^.^ Angie ^.^ said...

Hmm... Let's see if they're going for more fame or for their country... haha
Either way... oh well we have to live with it, fighting DBSK!!!

Laisze said...

Well...I hope DBSK attend!!!I love to see they receive award!Besides..They deserved this awards!!So I hope they'll go and get the awardsss back!!
Dong Bang Shin Ki Hwaiting!

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