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[SINGLE] Bolero - 3:17 PREVIEW + Movie OST Info

A new longer preview of Bolero (TBR on January 21st) was released on Bigeast Station.

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BOLERO is going to be a Japanese movie's OST! {EDIT 2} This information is not cofirmed it seems, as the post made on DNBN (Cassiopeia's official forum) was removed because a legitimate source couldn't be tracked down. Also the release date of the single and the movie have a gap. However, I have seen mentions of this OST on some Japanese fan sites myself so I can't be sure. IT IS NOW CONFIRMED!

The movie is called "Subaru", set to release next year on March 20th, 2009 and it seems to have a diverse set of stars and production crew from Japan, Korea and China. Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki plays the female lead ballerina and and Korean actress Go Ara plays her rival. Sounds pretty exiting!

About "Subaru" (Anime News Network):

Warner Bros. Japan announced that it is producing a joint Japanese/Chinese film adaptation of Masahito Soda's Subaru manga about a budding ballerina. Actress and model Meisa Kuroki (Vexille's titular character, Crows Zero's RUKA) has already been filming on location in Shanghai with director Lee Chi-Ngai since October 28, after an earlier Tokyo shoot in September. The film's partners are planning a simultaneous 2009 opening throughout Asia, and are also hoping for releases in Europe and America.

The manga centers on Subaru (Kuroki) and her twin brother, both of whom love ballet and constantly visit ballet classes to watch the dancers. One day, the brother is bed-stricken by a brain tumor. While visiting her brother in the hospital, Subaru meets a formerly famous ballerina (Kaori Momoi) who was forced to give up dancing due to her declining physical condition. The former ballerina agrees to train Subaru to perhaps achieve her own ballet dreams.

The manga's 11 volumes have sold 1.8 million copies in Japan. The manga has yet to be released in North America, although it has been publishing in France, Germany, and Spain. Kuroki has been training for three hours nearly every day since June for her role, while Momoi is already a trained ballerina since she spent three years studying abroad at London's Royal Ballet School when she was 12

The song fits perfectly for it. Espcially if you read the translation of the song below, you will understand why. "I saw you dancing on the moon's stage" ... "Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness"

In the movie, beautiful actress Go Ara (also under SM Entertainment and featured in DBSK's HUG music video) will play the main character's biggest competitor (rival), a talented ballerina. The origins of Ara's character was especially changed from Japan to Korea. More info on Go Ara's role here.

Meisa Kuroki, the female lead, is a well-known Japanese actress that starred in popular dramas such as One Pound Gospel, and has also worked on many Japanese movies. A special one to note would be the one she starred in with Jang Geun Suk, "One Missed Call: Final".

Looks like these two hazel-eyed actresses are gonna make this movie a hit!

Credits: geekazoinks + BlueTopaz@soompi + DBSKer for the info

{tentative 3:17 version} BOLERO Romaji/Translation

yami ni ukabu tsuki no stage ni odoru kimi wo yume mitanda
In my dreams I saw you dancing on the moon's stage in the dark

fukai fukai mune no kizu wo hitotsu hitotsu se owanaide
Don't try to carry the burden of all the deep deep wounds in your chest alone

dare mo kimi wo semeyashinai kimi wa kimi de ireba ii sa
No one can blame you, its ok if you be yourself

kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsubasaki de kanaderu bolero
Let me hear the lovely, fleeting wings of the bolero playing

maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa
Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness

kurai heya no naka mitasareru omoi mado kara afure
The emotions that fill up the dark room overflow from the window

yume ga tsunoru tsuki hikari no shita kamoshara ni kibou no rhythm wo kizamu
The moon's light invites dreams giving rise to the hopes engraved in the rhythm *

yume ga tsunoru
Inviting dreams

kimi ga kimi rashii no wa jiyuu ni habataku kara
Since you appear to flap your wings freely

daremo shirukoto no nai kotae sagashite
No one knows the answer you search for

kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsuba saki de kanaderu bolero
Let me hear the lovely, fleeting wings of the bolero playing

maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa
Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness

*[i have no idea what kamoshara means so i used 'kamosu' so i could complete the line]

Translation: daisukizutto@LJ + annneonet@LJ
Romanji: toakagasuki@LJ


Lili said...

the song's so, so pretty~! it's really perfect for the winter.
this version is different from the recorded version at the music program, though. is the song over 5 minutes long? that might explain why there are no repetitions between the 2-minute and 3-minute versions of it.

Thanks for posting the link!

Mrs.Joongie said...

i think this song is quite nice!i cant wait for them to released it!but i prefer doushite remix!its so nice!i want to buy their album once its out!TVXQ HWAITING!SARANGHAE!

shiiri said...

beautiful lyrics.....truly suitable....cant wait cant wait..

Belinda said...

beautiful! =D dbsk FIGHTING!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till this movie is out!
It sounds good!
The song is so beautiful too!

sweetkimchi said...

This is a beeeeeaauuuuutiful song!!! It definitely suits the movie or at least from what I hear the movie's about. It kind of reminds me of "Insa" somehow. Maybe because of how sad the music and melody is. But I can't wait for it to be released! DBSK fighting!!!

smallthings said...

Love this song... and the manga is suited perfectly^^

I recommend this manga also...

Anonymous said...

just like to ask, what show was that at the part where yoochun & jaejoong was 'fighting' & the part where changmin & a girl broke up? is from a show? or an mv?

anw, is such a lovely song! cant wait for it to come out (:


Luffa said...

The clip of them fighting is from Gold Fish - a parody skit that Jaejoong and Micky acted in. Its quite hilarious, I would highly recommend anyone to watch it! (its actually quite oppsite to the feeling that this video brings with that scene lol)

The download to the episode is available in the Downloads section under video.

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