Sunday, December 07, 2008

[VOTE] Japan's 50th Record Award - EDIT!

Hmm ... I have decided to remove the request to vote for the song on a Japanese poll, on the basis of a request. Japanese do not like it if foreigners vote on their polls and Casiopeia has agreed not to interfer with ANY Japanese polls in the future.

So lets just let it be and see what the outcome is based on how the Japanese vote :) So no more voting, okay? Thanks guys for your deep love and support for the boys! But I guess we need to let things play as they are ^^

Also, it seems this was just an opinion poll. I recieved this link from other fan sources (it was posted in several different places) and I hadn't forseen what harm it could have done. Sorry for the inconvience this may have caused. We will be more vigilent on our "voting" posts next time! It makes me happy though that we all care so much about the boys to vote and make an impact...but for Japanese polls, we all must practice restraint (yes, restraint! lol) and know we have the power to but CHOOSE not to. I guess part of "what the big deal" is the difference in culture which international fans are not used to. In Korea, its expected that fans keep voting for their favourite band (or otherwise, the polls put restrictions on the number), while in Japan maybe it is expected that only Japanese would vote and vote only once (?).

(from JpopMusic forums)
A message from BigEast.

About the matter of Japanese online polls.
During the last weeks there have been some cases when foreign fans have attempted to make a difference in some Japanese online polls.
We understand that you want to support Tohoshinki, but please also note that the Japanese will not look at it the same way, but will see the mass voting as manipulating the results. This has already led to some negative reactions towards Tohoshinki's fans.
We do not wish for the negative publicity, because it will also hurt Tohoshinki.

The online polls and surveys are not any kind of popularity races between the participants, but the netizens vote once and in context to what is asked. The flood of several thousand votes from other countries (when the foreign voters often only choose their favourite artist and do not entirely understand what they are voting for), is unfair towards the other participants and also makes the poll/survey useless.

Most of the Japanese online polls do not have a direct impact in anything, being mostly "for fun", but they're indeed used to measure the general opinions in Japan.

As much as we know that you want to support Tohoshinki, this may not be the best way because it's putting not only us BigEast but also Tohoshinki at disadvantage in public eye.

Thank you.


Belinda said...

WHOO! kick butt DBSK! =D YEAH!

Lily said...

16% now :D

MyLove said...

is it just click 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」東方神起??
I hope im done =)

sweetkimchi said...

23% now =D but still in 3rd place =/. Can we vote more than once?

Tina said...

"東方神起の韓国と中国のファンはまた多々投票している... もうやめてよ。
Even if abroad fans wish to support band, this is not right place. You make the result bad."

Japanese don't like overseas fans meddling and Cassiopeia has AGREED that they won't vote for Japanese polls so I think advertising things like this is bad.

it will affect their image badly.
it is NOT a popularity contest.

Anonymous said...

2nd place!!!
OMG *-*

Ruby said...

yeah, we are now 2nd place, let's get first. how many time can you vote per day?

Michael K. Hoskins said...

How else are we supposed to put our opinion into things that even matter if no one will allow international fans to vote? Why don't they start an international fanclub where you must know English to be in it cuz it would make it easier for everyone cuz English is a business language anyways? I mean, it is unfair that us as "OUTSIDERS" don't get to vote in anything really at all. We barely get to see them. I mean, we could all just move to Korea or Japan, but come one, who has the money to do that immediately unless they are rich?

Michael Kyle Hoskins said...

Actually, how about they make an international fanclub called TVXQ International and join Cassiopeia and Bigeast together with it so everyone could be in it and DBSK would literally have the largest fanclub in the world because it would literally be the whole world in it. lol I think it is a great idea. And if everyone wants to be a butt then every country could have it's own sub-section name like Cassiopeia and Bigeast do. America could be the Freedom League of something. I don't know. Can anyone think of a better name?^^ I think it would bring the world together somehow. Well, at least the DBSK fans. ^^

Luffa said...

I kinda agree with you Michael. For international fans who never get to see DBSK in concert or anywhere for that matter, all we ca do is buy their CDs and vote for them. It stung a bit to know we weren't welcomed, however, Bigeast has a point ... others inside Japan who are not DBSK fans are only going to see us as rigging votes. Alot of Japanese people left comments on how it was unfair that the Chinese and Koreans were voting for DBSK, when the poll was for Japanese people's opinion.

Actually, what you said about international fans (non Chinese, Korean, or Japanese who alreayd have their official fanclubs) creating their own "name" as a entity ... you are not alone in suggesting that. There is currently a huge discussion going on at livejournal on this. I may make a post about it if we come to some sort of consensus on the matter.

Anonymous said...

For some reasons, maybe Japanese don't like us and that this is just an excuse to get rid of us...
I mean oh well, if they don't want ous support, so be it.

Anonymous said...

I think they're being way too touchy. I mean we just wanna do our part as a Dbsk fan, considering that we are unable attend their concerts etc. If the other competitors in the poll had mass number of foreign fans as well, I doubt these people would even mention anything about rigging. >:(

Lily said...

I completely understand what Big East are trying to say as it IS just a poll for the Japanese fans and it could be used for research purposes etc. but I also agree with Michael about there not being much for International fans. All, we can do is buy their CDs in support. I'm not sure if there will be a day when I will see them on a stage in the UK but I know for sure that if they played in ANY country within Europe, I will be there.

It's unfair for international fans to feel like an outcast and it's a very good idea to get everyone together and create another group outside of Big east and Cassies. I'm sure this is in the process of being organised as we speak :D

shiiri said...

i kinda agree with the japanese fans'...even i would vote once only... i agree with them

bernice said...

really the tone of the message got me a little irritated and agitated. but eventually i did get why the japanese may have had that impression. i personally didnt vote 1.i wanted to really see how dbsk was doing in japan 2.i wanted to see the japanese opinions. i guess i wanted to see what it would have shown even if international friends did not vote.
however i have to admit to finding the tone and the usage of the term "foreign fans" irritating, but more, sad. as many have mentioned. there's this "outsider" feeling. many countries are left out of the dbsk "fan" activities. big east IS a very nice fanclub to be in especially since they give priority to members and yes dbsk goes to bigeast fanclub events etc...but what about other countries? that are -not- japan or korea? it saddens me to think that other international fans who like them from "afar" are not able to step into that "boundary" that's placed around dbsk. what's with the blue ocean scheme if fans divide each other?

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