Friday, January 23, 2009

090122 Junsu's surprise call to Seungri (Big Bang)

A few weeks ago, Seungri from rival idol group Big Bang ahd confessed in an interview that was a huge fan of Xiah Junsu (even before his debut) and wanted to get closer to him. Junsu called in (recorded) to give him a message!

English Subbed YT video:


Alternative link:

Aww~ Seungri is so cute ^-^

While we are on the Big Bang x Junsu topic, check out the Piano Battle Junsu with Taeyang on the December 2008 end of the year show on SBS:

(Seungri had said in an interview later that he had wished to be the one that battled with Junsu on the same stage)


vivianna niesha :3 said...

how cute :)

-cryst- said...

oh gosh! junsu was so awesome. he could play & sing wintout looking at the keys. *clap clap!!!*

cn somebody tell me wad show this is? did the other DBSK members battle smth too? thks!

Anonymous said...

jadi ke dbsk dtg malaysia...?

Blinky777 said...

Aww, their performance was really good. I want to get an mp3 copy now. hahaha

Junsu is so awesome.

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