Friday, January 30, 2009

[SHOW] Heyx3: English Subbed!

Love it when they are on Hey!Hey!Hey! The one Japanese show I always look forward to watching them on!

Be sure to turn on the Close Caption (subbing) feature on in your Youtube window. Its the "CC" option under the corner right arrow key.

Subs thanks to: purplefanatic91@YT.

Special appearance by Japanese comedian, Sekine.

For the international fans ^^:
[Part 1] 090212 HEYHEYHEY sub Espanol (Spanish)
[Part 2] 090212 HEYHEYHEY sub Espanol (Spanish)
[Part 3] 090212 HEYHEYHEY sub Espanol (Spanish)


BELINDA said...

lolz i watched this already and it was hilarious xD their bolero performance was good, but i wish it was longer! xD They were picking on Yunho and his microphone and JJ's sausage contest was...hahahahaha! gawsh it was funny! =] thx for the post!

Anonymous said...

hey im trying to watch heyx3 but it says that the video is private... how can i watch it?? please help, as i really do want to watch dbsk at the moment ^^

oh and btw, your blog is just awesome!! =]

Kana said...

i cant watch the videos is there anywhere else that has these?

Anonymous said...

they got taken down already! are there any other links or something to watch these?

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