Friday, January 02, 2009

[VID] Wake up with DBSK at 6am - First day of 2009

The year is looking GOOD. To make up for my lack of updates, I give you the first video/appearance of DBSK for 2009! Wohoo~! Happy New Years everybody :D

The boys look stellar and very happy on this bright and early morning show, even with their super tight, strenuous, and tough schedule (the PD shows their overnight schedule 2:04 on the show before they came on set). Now here is an example we can ALL follow when we have to go back to DREADED classes and school/work >_< ... whoops, I mean, YEY for classes! :D

These guys are killer role models for me when I feel like calling in sick and running away from work.

010109 Tohoshinki @ NTV {Zoom in Super}

Credit: sarangheJJoongie3


BELINDA said...

aww they looks good and less tired, glad to see them again! thx 4 the post!!!

ayachan said...

Thanks so much for the post! Whoa, that schedule's really tight. : O Hope they get to rest more~ : D

TVXQ fighting! : D

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