Tuesday, January 06, 2009

[ACTS] Yunho donates 600,000 won for Scholarship fund

Yunho of popular boy band, Dong bang shin ki visited his old high school, Kwang-il High school on January 2nd to pay respects to his teachers in the New Year. After meeting his teachers and signing for his hubaes (juniors), the DBSK member set up a scholarship fund of 600,000 won for 6 students. Afterwards, Yunho took 70 of the school people out to lunch (and hopefully paid).

And in parting, Yunho told his younger classmates to “dream big.”

Source: Popseoul

TVXQsoul reported:

Alumni TVXQ leader Yunho with his parents visited his alma mater Kwangil High School, 5 years after graduating last February 2004 when he was 19.

Yunho paid for the scholarships of 6 junior students and met with the principal and his previous teachers. He also had an autograph signing session and gave an inspirational speech for the success of the dreams of the students through having passion and then had a picture taken with some of his fans.


Anonymous said...

owh..yunho looks 'white'..
thanx for this one~~ ^^

Belinda said...

Yunho is an amazing person not just because he's the leader of DBSk, but he's very generous at heart, and is one of those people who inspires others to dream big! =D

Anonymous said...

wow~ what a great start of New year... the 6 students who got the scholarship must be very happy, not only their study being supported but it is Yunho who donated it ^^ Hope they study smart... Hwaitting hubaes! Hwaitting yunho! Hwaitting DBSK! <3

elle said...

He has too much make up on..

But that's a thoughtful thing to do.

Luffa said...

lol...its not makeup. He is on his 10-day break right now so no haristylists or makeup artists available. They are all wearing jackets so I am presumming its really cold and its making him look pale.

Anonymous said...

i wonder hw they choose the 6 students..yunho realli looks very 'white' ^^

i hope his speech & act realli inspire his juniors. dun disappoint yunho ok? study hard (:


^.^ Angie ^.^ said...

Yeap I think theres a bit of snow there and its esp colder in Jan in Korea :P
Thank you Yunho for being a kind soul!

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