Thursday, January 08, 2009

HAHAHA ~ TVXQ Attacks a Female High School

Sorry I am a few days late in putting this up... I had meant to right after the Japanese "school attack" show below (which if any of you have not watched, is great way to cheer-up ^^).

A newly released version for the HAHAHA commerical [well techically its not a commercial but a public message] for Samsung's campaign to spread happiness and laughter in these depressing times (i.e. recession). This time, the CF features high school students studying...encouranging them to cheer up and be positive~


^ From what I have read, the students in this class had no idea they were going to show up! TVXQ made a random "surprise attack," on a female high school and performed the "Hahaha" campaign song. The students blogged about this online after it was filmed and alot of people from other schools commented wishing they were the lucky ones to get this close-up exclusive performance XD The students in the school said they would be working even harder in their studies now that DBSK gave them this encouraging message.

DANCE Version

BTW, Goodluck to all those that have exams!


BELINDA said...

They're soo awesome, i wished they came to my school during my night class, id totally be pumped for my final xD lucky girls!

ndhaa said...

every time i'm tired i think of this song :D

Anonymous said...

so is this before or after their attack in the Japanese school? wow those girls are sooo lucky!! love TVXQ even moreee! T_T i wasnt among the lucky girls..

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