Thursday, January 22, 2009

[ACTS] Cassiopeians donate to the Fruit of Love charity

On behalf of Xiah Junsu's birthday on the 1st, his fans had decided to donate 9 million won (approx. $6,700) to a Korean Charity called "Fruit of Love." This donation was made under Junsu's name and has been made for the past few years. The fans stated that "rather than a present, we thought that it would be bigger and more meaningful to donate to a charity under Xiah Junsu's name."

Another group of fans, from the fan site DNBN, had also collected and donated 5 million won (approx. $3,700) to the charity for DBSK's 5th year anniversary.

Ah, those lovable Cassiopeians. You kids need to learn from these unnies (and oppas, I guess).

Source: AllKpop

From sharingyoochun@wordpress:

Recently, instead of spending all of their fanclub’s money to buy bling bling for the boys, Cassiopeia spare some of it for the needs.

On last December 14th, at Kwangwoon University’s Auditorium where Junsu’s fanclub members celebrated Xiah Junsu’s birthday titled XIAHDAY, 2000 fans gathered, instead of making a simple single party, they had a fund-raising event.

In this event, the fans sold a lot of cute stuffs such as wallet, cellphone ring, mouse pad, earrings, and other XIAH goods which successfully proceed 4.000.000 won (US$ 4000) that has been donated through Fruit of Love in the name of Xiah Junsu.

The donation certificate then was forwarded to Junsu as a birthday gift from them.

Junsu got his birthday present, and now the whole 5 also got their precious present to commemorate their 5 year debut anniversary.

At the 5th anniversary concert, shockingly some fans came not only to meet the boys, but also held a fund raising event right on the spot and successfully gained $500.

Not only from the on-the-spot fund raising, these Cassie, who held their event by the name “DNBN 2nd DONATION LOVETIC” also had had on line fund raising from December 9th to December 26th.

source: Fruit of Love homepage
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress <-- Our new affs!~ XD

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