Friday, January 09, 2009

[INFO] TVXQ 4th album MIROTIC through the half-million mark

TVXQ 4th album MIROTIC through the half-million mark
Star News Article January 8, 2009 08:52

[MTStarNews] The Youth Protection Committee classified TVXQ's 4th abum MIROTIC as harmful for the youth, but 100 days after the said album was released it has already reached 500,000 sales.

On the 8th, TVXQ's agency SMEntertainment said, "Since TVXQ's MIROTIC album was released September 26 last year until January 6 it has been sold online 167,697 copies, from off-line 335,140 copies amounting to after 103 days a total of 502,837 copies" they revealed.

This 2008 (the MIROTIC) album is among the all-time record-high sold. Not since Kim Gu Mo's 2003 8th album (Hestory) of 520,000copies has there ever been another artist that sold over 500,000.

TVXQ's album November last year was branded as having harmful lyrics by the Youth Protection Committee, but as if to mock the decision, album sales are increasing more and the phenomenon finally led to the breakthrough of the half a million mark.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to have the 3-day (February 20-22), "TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC" at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Source: + 이쁘제@DNBN
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BELINDA said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA! O_O man DBSK is on fire, over half a million being sold of mirotic album even after the banning of it by the Korean Youth Committee, lolz nothing can stop DBSK! WHOOOO! FIGHTING! thx for the post!

Anonymous said...

congrats TVXQ!!
I'm so proud of the boys *crying happily* :')

ndhaa said...

i'm so glad for them! so glad that i bought it too to support them :D i feel like having done a right thing for DBSK ahahah :D

im_pisces0203 said...

of course the sale is above half million... they have alot of included,,,heheh
and even i bought two of the versions...and i'm from malaysia... keep ur good work DBSK..and bring us more good music... i'm thirsty for it...
p/s: really hope they come to Malaysia again...

Anonymous said...

HAH! In your face Youth protection Committee! GO DBSK!!!

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