Friday, January 02, 2009

[VID] Tohoshinki @ Kohaku (Japanese Year-End Music Festival)

Terribly sorry I have been late at updating. I have been very sick for the past few days...^^; This made me feel a whole lot better though! XD

The much anticipated Kohaku performance (click on "CC" for english subtitles):

credit: joongiefied

They performed Doushite and Purple Line, their Oricon #1 hits.
Btw, both the MCs are people that DBSK has interacted with. The female MC is Mari Sekine from Music Station and the male is SMAP leader Nakai who runs a talk show DBSK and Koda Kumi were on together. I am glad to hear they both regard the boys so highly ^^

The performances have to be kept short because Kohaku is a competition between the male and female teams and multiple artists are invited to perform.


Mary said...

Poor boys sound and look so exhausted. =[
I hope they take a nice long holiday soon. They deserve one.

ezra said...

OMG. :] TVXQ! Thanks for this! And TVXQ does always make us feel better. ASSA~ :]

Lawriebear said...

So short... Wish they had a longer performance

BELINDA said...

aww our men look sleepy, but they did a great job, thx for the post!

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