Monday, January 05, 2009

[SHOW] Dreams Come True: DBSK's Surprise Appearance at Japanese High School

OMG. I totally DIED with laughter, joy, and surprise watching this. This is like EVERY FAN'S DREAM COME TRUE! 3 lucky high schools got to realize this dream. [From TBS's show Sanma Tamaos Lets Help Your Dream Come True - Special.]

You must, I repeat YOU MUST watch this! It is currently one of the most-watched videos in Japan and Korea (under different links) You won't even need subs {English subs are out!}...the reactions alone are must-sees! I will try to put the download up for this in a couple of hours.

I highly recommend seeing the videos in Large HD quality here:

LQ embed (for all the lazy people ^^):


{EDIT} ENG SUBBED (by jaynerox91)
Part 1:
Part 2:

[Spoiler: This a SPECIAL episode, similar to the Korean "School Attack"/"School of Rock" show, however this program usually doesn't do this sort of thing. They did this surprise because the girls once revealed to TBS on camera that they wished to see the "cool" guys of Tohoshinki who are "awesome dancers" and dance with them. Well, they got their wish and some! Very touching episode and even more exciting and personal than School Attack.

If you didn't get the gist of what happened at the end of part 1, the girls are asked to learn the dance steps of Purple Line in a few hours and then perform in front of the ENTIRE school (on national television too!) with DBSK.]


Most-watched video link in Japan & Korea:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, it wasnt Mirotic but Purple Line.

Luffa said...

lol whoops, I was in such a hurry to update I made a typo
thanks for the correction ^_^

BELINDA said...

i watched it and i was like GAHHH!!!!! come to my school DBSK!!!! those girls are so lucky, it was funny when DBSK was left alone when the girls hugged their friends xD lolz

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh from that. XDDD One of the funniest things I've ever seen. The guys were so amused. LOL. XD

ndhaa said...

when will my dream to meet them come true? *_*

Anonymous said...

OMFG...i would die right after seeingthem in person, let alone learn freakin' purple line!

thanks for sharing!!


Marshiee said...

I can't watch it!!
It's been deleted or something
can someone tell me somewhere else I can watch it??

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