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[TRANS] What's In Feb 09 - 50 Questions

Summary: Magazine is split into many parts. I'll do this first and hopefully, the rest soon :D Junsu's and Changmin's answers are the most interesting, especially when you compare them. (: and Jaejoong.... *sigh* obsession with clothes

1. What did you dream of yesterday?
YH: I can’t remember
CM: Didn’t dream
JJ: Can’t remember
YC: I didn’t dream
JS: I didn’t dream

2. What’s the first thing you see in the morning?
YH: Hand phone
CM: Manager’s face
JJ: Manager’s smiling face
YC: Hand phone
JS: Manager’s face

3. What do you feel like doing most right now?
YH: Snowboarding
CM: Travelling
JJ: Jogging
YC: Fishing
JS: Travel

4. What’s your hand phone ringtone?
YH: Hand phone ringtone (T/N: Think he means default ringtone)
CM: Vibration mode
JJ: [Mirotic]
YC: It’s usually on silent mode
JS: [Don’t Say Goodbye]

5. What do you do when you’re alone?
YH: Drive
CM: Read books
JJ: Sleep
YC: Roll around at home
JS: Drive

6. If you had a week’s holiday, what would you do?
YH: Ski resort
CM: Travel
JJ: Travel alone
YC: Snowboard
JS: Travel

7. What’s the pride of your room?
YH: Prizes we received
CM: It’s wide
JJ: Sofa
YC: Pecha (T/N: No idea what that is either.)
JS: The big window where the morning sunlight comes in from

8. What do you do to cheer yourself out when you’re sad?
YH: Dance, exercise
CM: Drive
JJ: Talk a walk
YC: Drink and talk to my brother
JS: Drive

9. What was your scariest experience so far?
YH: When I fell from the rooftop in my church
CM: When I saw a ghost (T/N: The Junsu? Or the bird? He mentioned it here)
JJ: When I injured my leg during a dance rehearsal
YC: When I first came to Japan
JS: When I heard Changmin sleep talk

10. The last time you cried?
YH: Award ceremony
CM: During a Korean award ceremony
JJ: None
YC: Not really
JS: A little during a Korean award ceremony

11. When did you feel that you’re really blessed/happy?
YH: When I’m singing on stage
CM: When I’m singing on stage
JJ: Award ceremony
YC: When I stand on stage
JS: When I lie on my bed after a day’s schedule

12. What’s your ideal type?
YH: Someone who’ll only believe in me, an optimistic person
CM: Someone who’s mature, with deep thoughts
JJ: A woman with pretty hands
YC: A gentle woman
JS: A bright/cheerful woman

13. Something a female does that makes your heart beat faster?
YH: When she brushes off the dirt/lint on my clothes
CM: When she places her hands on her chest when bowing
JJ: Nothing special, just when I feel she’s feminine
YC: When she’s washing clothes
JS: When she places her hands on her chest when bowing

14. What will you give to your girlfriend?
YH: I’ll write a song for her
CM: A bouquet
JJ: I’ll write a song for her
YC: Myself
JS: Necklace

15. What do you want for your next birthday?
YH: Shoes
CM: Car
JJ: Car
YC: Time to spend it with the people I treasure
JS: Holiday

16. If you found a million yen?
YH: Give it to the people in need
CM: Give it to the police
JJ: Give it to the police
YC: Save
JS: Give it to the police

17. If you were reborn as a girl tomorrow?
YH: Cry my heart out
CM: I want to go to an onsen
JJ: I want to buy clothes!
YC: I want to go to an onsen (T/N: hot spring)
JS: I want to go to an onsen

18. What do you want to say ‘bye-bye’ to?
YH: Injuries
CM: Cold/Flu
JJ: Muscle training
YC: Troubles
JS: Everything sad

19. You see a shooting star. What will you wish for?
YH: That time will fly faster. I want to be 30
CM: That my family will be healthy
JJ: That THSK will be a band that receives more love
YC: Happiness
JS: I want to win the lottery

20. A recent lie you told?
YH: None
CM: I didn’t lie
JJ: None
YC: Saying I wasn’t sick
JS: I can’t remember

21. What left the deepest impression on you in Japan?
YH: Eating at a restaurant with a pretty night view near the Tokyo Tower
CM: Budokan live
JJ: Appearing on [Kouhaku]
YC: Budokan live
JS: Budokan live

22. Your favourite Japanese food
YH: Motsunabe
CM: Ramen
JJ: Udon
YC: Ramen
JS: Natto

23. What food would you recommend that has kimchi in it?
YH: Tuna Kimchi rice
CM: Kimchi fried rice
JJ: Kimchi jjigae
YC: Kimchi jjigae (T/N: Kimchi stew)
JS: Kimchi fried rice

24. Your ‘enemy’ is?
YH: Myself
CM: Junsu
JJ: Myself
YC: Supper
JS: Changmin

25. What hair style would you like to try next?
YH: Permed hair
CM: Please give me Jude Law’s hairstyle
JJ: Blue hair
YC: Long and permed hair
JS: Bald

26. A secret you’ve never told anyone
YH: I don’t have anything to say
CM: No comment
JJ: I don’t tell my secrets ^^
YC: Actually, I’m lonely
JS: None

27. What’s a ‘rumor’ that you found interesting recently?
YH: That the economy will get better
CM: That the ice in the North Pole will melt
JJ: That Changmin has caught a cold
YC: I’m not interested in them
JS: Beckham’s AC Milan

28. How do you relieve stress?
YH: Drive
CM: Eat, sleep
JJ: I just blank out
YC: Supper
JS: Game

29. A recent drama/movie you’ve watched.
YH: [Mamma Mia]
CM: [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e]
JJ: [Ponyo]
YC: [Naruto]
JS: [24]

30. What would you do if you could read minds?
YH: I’d like to know what others think of me
CM: I’ll just read them
JJ: I would be boring if I could read everyone’s mind
YC: I think I’d be really distressed, and wouldn’t want to meet people
JS: Enter FBI

31. When do you feel lonely?
YH: Before I sleep
CM: Before I sleep
JJ: When I’m separated from my members
YC: When we’re on the move after our schedule ends
JS: I don’t really feel it

32. The theme song for today is?
YH: [Kiss shitamama sayonara]
CM: [Killing Me Softly]
JJ: [Wasurenaide] (T/N: Please don’t forget)
YC: [Kiss the Baby Sky]
JS: [I Believe I can Fly]

33. The first time you travelled overseas?
YH: Taiwan (T/N: That would be 2004 for the Golden Melody Awards, I think)
CM: Taiwan
JJ: Taiwan in summer 2004
YC: 1998, America
JS: Taiwan

34. What do you collect?
YH: Card keys (T/N: Hotel card keys?)
JJ: Accessories
YC: Plastic models from [Gundam Seed]
JS: Beautiful pictures from around the world

35. Who’s the person you want to meet most now?
YH: Obama
CM: Obama
JJ: Monkey King (T/N: Character from [Journey to the West], Sun Wu Kong, or Son Oh Kong in Korean)
YC: Santa Claus
JS: Jesus

36. Which animal do you think you resemble?
YH: Tiger
CM: Deer
JJ: Cat
YC: Polar bear
JS: Hyena

37. Truthfully, what’s your fetish?
YH: Voice
CM: Feeling
YC: Pretty nails. Not really magnificent things..
JJ: Forehead
JS: Hands

38. What do you buy unintentionally at convenience stores?
YH: Milk
CM: Hot lemon juice
JJ: Health drinks
YC: Donuts
JS: Fried chicken

39. Where do you start washing your body from in the bathroom?
YH: Hair
CM: Face
JJ: Chest
YC: Right arm
JS: Hair

40. When were you most embarrassed?
YH: When many people saw me fall
CM: When I fell in front of many people
JJ: During my audition
YC: When I fell in front of people
JS: When I was in 1st grade of elementary school, I went with my mum to the ladies section of the public bath and saw my female classmate…

41. Which part of the body do you first notice when you meet someone?
YH: Eyes
CM: Clothes
JJ: Nothing in particular, but I would notice how they pose
YC: Legs (Naturally since you bow when greeting someone)
JS: The overall atmosphere

42. If you had a kid, what kind of ‘dad’ will you be?
YH: A dad who’s like a friend
CM: I want to be a dad who’s like my dad
JJ: A tolerant dad
YC: A dad who would participate actively in my kid’s sports day
JS: A dad who’s like a friend

43. What’s something you have to do without fail every day?
YH: Celebrate
CM: Game
JJ: Half- bathing
YC: Watch [Detective Conan]
JS: Talk to my brother on the phone

44. If you could turn back time, where do you want to go back to?
YH: High school
CM: High School
JJ: Middle school
YC: Elementary school
JS: I don’t want to turn back time. The present is good!

45. What do you want to happen tomorrow?
YH: That our schedules will be cancelled and we’ll have a break
CM: That I’ll quickly recover from my cold
JJ: Win the lottery
YC: I want it to snow
JS: Turn invisible!

46. What will you be doing 10 years from now?
YH: Continue making music
CM: Continue making music and preparing for my wedding
JJ: Together with THSK
YC: The same thing as I’m doing now
JS: Singing on stage

47. What kind of year will 2009 be?
YH: A year where we’ll have lots of things to smile about
CM: A year where we’ll be able to carry out our activities without falling sick
JJ: A year busier than 2008
YC: The best year
JS: A year where we’ll all be healthy!

48. If you became the editor of [What’s In?]
YH: Only report about THSK!
CM: THSK’s tour around the world
JJ: Half of the magazine will be THSK
YC: Have a barbeque with all the staff and artistes!
JS: Have a [Globe-trotting with THSK] corner

49. A message to our readers
YH: Please support us in 2009 too
CM: Good luck!
JJ: To the readers, I’m always grateful to you
YC: Take care of yourself, don’t catch a cold!
JS: Thank you for always reading this magazine

50. A message to [What’s In]
YH: Thank you [What’s In] for always reporting on THSK from the very first time we arrived in Japan till today
CM: Please take care of us in future!
JJ: Although I feel like we’re indebted to [What’s In] since our debut days, please help us in future!! We’ll work hard
YC: Please take care of us in future. The cover too.
JS: Amongst all the magazines in Japan, [What’s In] was the first that ran a series on us. I was really happy. Please help us in future

Translated by: Sparkskey in this post
Credits to: DNBN
*translated from Korean, so if there are any mistakes, please point them out



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