Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[INFO] TVXQ Ranked 6th Among All Kouhaku Singers

[Infoseek Search Keywords Ranking (08/12/30~09/01/05)]
TVXQ Ranked 6th Among All Kouhaku Singers

Kouhaku Singers
This week, we will reveal the search ranking of the Kouhaku Singers!

The singer that ranked 1st is Ayumi Hamasaki whom brought a brilliant opening despite having her right hand just recovered after wounded for 3 weeks. In the 2nd rank is EXILE whom sang ‘Ti Amo’ and obtained the Nihon Record Taisyo. 3rd rank is Shuuchishin and Pabo who appeared as ‘Shuuchishin with Pabo’ on the show, their performance obtained the highest rating record of 47.8% among all the singers. In the 4th rank is Fujioka Fujimaki and Oohashi Nozomi who had left a cute impression to everyone after singing the theme song of Ponyo On The Cliff. There were feedbacks from many people saying that they ‘had only watched that part for the whole show’. In addition, beside those singers from the Red team that were mentioned earlier, there are still Perfume, ranked 5th in place and SPEED who had been active again after 9 years and other 11 groups of people. As for the White team, those who have been listed are Tohoshinki who ranked 6th in place, Mr. Children who ranked 13th, Yutaka Mizutani who ranked 16th and other 9 groups of people, looking at this ranking, Red is the dominant team.

Credits: Hey!JJ + TVXQBaidu + Fangirlmitz
Trans by: Jaesica

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